Fault Diagnosis on a Built in Cooker or Oven

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How to Diagnose Faults on a cooker or oven that is built in


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This cooker tutorial is on Built-in ovens and cookers and will help you find the fault with your appliance. the video will guide you through the common problems that occur on single ovens but can also be used on double ovens. 

Understanding your Cooker or oven problem and Finding the faults:

The oven will not turn on

The first thing you need to check is that the oven timer is not on auto if it is turn it on to manual.

No Heat in Oven

If the fan is running and the thermostat light comes on but you get no heat (or just the thermostat light on in non-fan ovens and cookers) then the probability is that the fan element or oven elements have failed. Find repair guides

The oven is totally dead

First things first, check the electricity supply and make sure it is okay. Find repair guides

The oven overheats and burns everything

Normally this is a simple thermostat failure which would manifest itself as this symptom. Find repair guides

The oven door isn't closing properly

Normally this will be faulty hinges or the hinge runners. Find repair guides

The oven door fell off!

Normally this will be faulty hinges or the hinge runners. Find repair guides

The oven or cooker cuts out after it's been on for a while

This is an overheating problem which can be caused by the main oven thermostat or a faulty safety thermostat that will be causing the problem. It can also be caused by a failure of the cooling fan, where fitted, but usually these go noisy before failing, Safety thermostats are used to prevent the oven or cooker overheating and will shut the oven down. Find repair guides

The oven or cooker is noisy

The fan motor and cooling fan motor are the most obvious causes where fitted. Find repair guides

Fan runs after I switch the oven off?

This is a cool down period and can vary massively from appliance to appliance but if it stays running then you normally have thermostat fault or sensor fault. See video above

The light inside the oven is faulty

Normally this is simply a case of replacing the bulb. Find repair guides

The grill element in my oven or cooker doesn't work

This would usually indicate that the grill element is faulty. Check these Grill element Oven changeover switch Overheat thermostat Main oven thermostat, if used to regulate the grill temperature. Find repair guides

There's smoke from the oven.

Invariably spillage except on a new installation or when a new element is fitted or oven may be overheating. Find repair guides

The oven does not come on, But Hob works but I can't get the oven to come on.

The timer has been activated, possibly when the controls were cleaned. There are so many types of timers used that it would not be possible to go through every one, but if you have the instruction booklet, that will tell you how to turn it off. Normally it is just a case of pressing a button or turning a control knob. Find repair guides

Electricity trips (Rcd) when I turn the oven on or element

This is normally an element that has gone to earth, Well known fault with electric ovens, the insulation breaks down in the elements and trips the RCD , best way is to stick a meter on each element and check they not got earth leaks on them. But can also be a wiring fault. Find repair guides

11 Responses to “Fault Diagnosis on a Built in Cooker or Oven”

  1. al says : Reply

    Hi Paul ,
    In your how to diagnose cooker faults video you have an amp meter set up .Could you explain how you have this attached please? I do have an amp clamp myself and was wondering if i could use that in a similar way if possible.Think the amp meter could help me diagnose a bit quicker .Look forward to your reply.P.s i do have an understanding of electricity and ohms law etc,i also own an insulation tester for megging out motors and elements .



  2. john foster says : Reply

    beko built in oven mod-qof243b will not come out of lock mode

  3. Ricky nelson says : Reply

    Hi , my Neff oven isnt working. The temp gauge states 0.5 and won’t budge. Any ideas for me to try?

  4. kevin says : Reply

    just disconnected my bush built in oven .connected my beko bif16100x and nothing seems like there is no power any advice

  5. Barbs Hickmore says : Reply

    Hi, I have a freestanding double oven Cannon C60 DPCF. The bottom oven comes on, in all the functions, but does not reach the desired temperature and then eventually switches itself off, showing F14, as a fault where the time or temperature is shown. As we live in France I can’t get an electrician interested in mending it. We have gone through the checks following your video for timers, elements all ok. What could it be?

    Thanks so much

  6. Charles says : Reply

    NEFF double oven model U14M42N3GB/04. Bottom oven no heat from either element. Lamp also blown. How to check and replace elements?

  7. Alan says : Reply

    I have a cannon oven 10450 gf,
    Main oven tripped then sparked, then second oven went off also after working for an hour or so. Any thoughts

  8. Alan says : Reply

    Cannon oven 10450,main oven sparked/tripped now second oven stopped working?

  9. Nikki says : Reply

    When I switch my Cooke and Lewis oven on the fuse keeps blowing

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