Fitting twin compressor Fridge freezer with Elitech ECS-16 Digital Temperature Controller

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How to replace Fridge freezer circuit board with Digatal Temperature Controller


This video can be used on all fridge,freezers and chest freezers plus 100's of fridge freezer like. AEG, Arthur-Martin-Elux, Bosch, Electrolux, Hotpoint, Husqvarna, John Lewis, Indesit, Neff, Privileg, Rex, Rosenlew, Siemens, Zanker, Zanussi. we are working on a Bosch Fridge Freezer with a faulty circuit Board.



This Graph shows what is happening in this fridge freezer after we changed the temperature controler


Graph after Fridge freezer set up with ECS-16 220V TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER

As you can see after setting up the fridge at 2 degrees with a hysteresis of 3 the fridge is cycling between 2 and 5 degress

the freezer is set up on -17 with hysteresis of 2 degrees and is cycling between  - 15 and 18 degrees

it will always need some calibration depending on where you fit the sensors


Wiring example on ECS-16  fridge freezer

Elitech ECS-16 Digatal Temperature Controller wiring

Elitech ECS-16 Digatal Temperature Controller options on wiring

Before you begin you need to find which controller is best for your fridge freezer.

  • you also need to find the best fitting location.
  • remember always fit in a place where the wiring can be added  easily and that you have enough space to fit the unit.
  • also think where the refrigeration pipes are so you don't damage them when fitting.

4 Responses to “Fitting twin compressor Fridge freezer with Elitech ECS-16 Digital Temperature Controller”

  1. Aurelian says : Reply

    Hello,I want to mount the same thermostat controller like you did, but on my Electrolux , fridge and freezer, I don’t have those plastic parts that you removed where you mounted the sensors probes.
    What can I do ?

    My unit is

    Model ERB40402W8
    Type CB 4002C
    EN 28187

  2. Juan says : Reply

    Hello, what is this white thing which allow bypassed thermostat? It’s in the first sketch and it supposed to be attached to compresor.


  3. Deborah Snowdon says : Reply

    I have a John Lewis freezer model JLW6006.
    Last week the alarm went off and I was able to cancel the alarm but not the flashing red light. Although the food is slightly softer, especially ice-cream It has not altogether thawed the contents. I have put the freezer to quick freeze setting but still it not not reach the set minus 18. The red light continues to flash the entire time. The freezer is 7 years old but not opened every day perhaps only once or twice a week. It is not overstocked as to reduce airflow inside. I live on a small pension and cannot afford a new freezer of this quality again at the moment. I would like to try to repair it! It is likely to be a thermostat problem or PCB issue? If so, is a PCB easily replaceable? Any advice warmly welcomed. Thank you.

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