Gorenje Washing Machine not spinning error fault code f4

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Gorenje Washing Machine with Error Code Fault f4 this video will show you how to fix the machine.


To order your carbon brushes for your washing machine, you will need the full model number of the ID Plate, which you can normally find on the inside of the door frame or in the rear of the machine. 

If you can´t find the correct motor carbon brushes for your washing machine, Please contact us, and we will find it the for you!


This video will show you how to replace Gorenje washing machine motor carbon brushes.

If your washing machine is showing on your digital display or LED display an error code F4, or F8, this means you have a motor tacho not detected or no motor action, you need to check these:

  • the motor tachometer
  • the wiring and connections to the motor and PCB
  • the motor carbon brushes
  • all the connections to the main drive motor
  • the motor armature
  • the  connections and the wiring between the inverter card and the motor



If your Gorenje washing machine is not spinning or it is filling with water but the drum is not turning or is showing on the digital display error fault codes F04 or if the machine is showing any of these F08, then it is a good chance that your Gorenje washing machine motor carbon brushes have worn out.


Model Number that can be found when you open the door


C. E. Set type motor

Why do carbon brushes fail?

The motor carbon brushes transfer the electricity from outside the motor to the spinning winding in the center of the motor. They undergo quite a lot of friction, and after a while wear out.
Carbon is used as it is a reasonable conductor, and is soft enough to wear down instead of wearing down the "commutator"(the ring the brushes press against).
If carbon brushes become too short, contact across the commutator is lost, and the motor won't be able to spin. Brushes often fail on the Spin Cycle first. They are designed to be replaceable in washing machine motors because of this.

Common symptoms for Gorenje washing machine worn carbon brushes:

  • Washing machine drum´s not turning;
  • Washing machine not turning during the wash cycle;
  • Washing machine not spinning;
  • Washing machine is filling with water but the drum is not turning.

To take out a motor on a Gorenje washing machine might sound scary, but it’s a surprisingly easy to replace and then fit the carbon brushes:

- The first thing we need to do is disconnect the appliance from the power supply, and remove the screws in the back of the machine that holds the back panel. Careful with the edges of the perimeter.
- Then you need to remove the washing machine belt that is attached to the motor and drum pulley.
- You will now need to remove the bolts that attach the motor to the washing machine drum.
- Release the motor of the drum brackets or lugs, be careful it’s heavy.
- Next you need to remove the old carbon brushes and fit new ones according to the video instructions.

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  1. Don says : Reply

    Hi guys – I have a Whirlpool washer with the C.E.SET MCC 61/64 – 148/WHE 14 motor that you show on your repair page. I am trying g to find the carbon brushes for the motor. Can you point me to where I can purchase them? Thanks.

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