Heat pump tumble dryer – finding faults and error codes

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Finding faults and error codes on Aeg, Electrolux, John lewis, Zanussi Heat pump tumble dryers

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it is very difficult sometimes to diagnose the problems with these heat pump tumble dryers.
I have included a video to show you the test mode sequence and also a PDF below which I managed to obtain.
but whenever you need parts for these dryers you will need to quote your model number and also the PCN number before we can do that you to the correct part

if you are still having trouble please contact us using your full model number including the product number for help from Paul


Finding your problem with a heat pump tumble dryer can be difficult on occasions as these tumble dryers dry the clothes using refrigeration process.

These are some of the common error codes or faults

All dryers will show the alarm code on the time to end display.

The alarm will be shown as EX Y e.g. E51
E = Error
X = alarm family
Y = alarm number


E21 - Tank drain pump triac failure.
E22 - Tank drain pump triac sensing failure.
E31 - Conductimetric sensing oscillation frequency too high
E32 - Conductimetricsensing oscillation frequency too low
E51- Motor triac failure.
E52 - Motor thermal cut off.
E53 - Motor triac sensing failure.
E54 - Motor jammed
E61 - Heating timeout
E62 - Compressor relay failure
E63 - Compressor automatic thermostat
E64 - Compressor sensing failure
E65 - Main Fan relay failure
E66 - Main fan automatic thermostat
E67 - Main fan sensing failure
E71 - Drying NTC1 failure
E72 - Drying NTC2 failure
E82 - Wrong selector reset position detection
E93 - Machine configuration error
E94 - Cycle Configuration error failure
E95 - Communication error between microprocessor and external EEPROM
E97 - SCF –CTF mismatch error
EB1 - Power supply frequency out of limits
EB2 - Power supply voltage too high
EB3 - Power supply voltage too low

Safety first! Unplug the machine from the electrical supply and make sure the machine has been idle long enough so that the heater has cooled down.


Once a year vacuum the inside taking special care on the wiring, it is very important to clean all the vent tubes on a regular basis. Clean the heat exchanger (condenser dryers only)

We hope this tutorial helped you get your tumble dryer working again!


This is Full workshop manual on these type dryers

This is what came out of one machine i serviced potential fire hazard

You will be amazed at what you find

you should clean the filter every time

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