Hoover Candy Tumble dryer drum not turning and belt ok faulty capacitor

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Video showing how to replace the capacitor and test it

This post shows you how to diagnose and repair a Hoover Candy tumble dryer with a faulty capacitor can be used on some Maytag, Helkama, Kelvinator, Otsein, Teka, Terzismo, Zerowatt Models.

You will most likely have a faulty capacitor when you turn you tumble dryer on and you can hear a distinctive humming noise coming from the motor but the drum is not turning.  This is very easy to test. All you have to do is take the top lid of and with the palm of your hand give the drum a gentle push and it should start turning. This is because the capacitor is actually a kick stater for the motor and by doing so you just did the capacitors job, thus confirming it is faulty. 

Follow the video along and you'll find out how to open up the machine and replace the capacitor.



Before you start any investigation of the fault or even remove the lid of your tumble dryer please watch our videos and fully understand them in full and pay particular attention to the safety and information notices
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There are loads of video below to help you repair your tumble dryer condenser or vented and they will help you with all these makes Hoover or Candy tumble dryer and some Maytag, Helkama, Kelvinator, Otsein, Teka, Terzismo, Zerowatt models.

remove-front-panel You will need to strip the front of to replace capacitor

You will need to strip the front of to replace capacitor


Remove motor fan blade

hoover-candy-condenser-tumble-dryer-motor-Capacitor can be changed with out removing drum but i don't recommend it

Capacitor can be changed with out removing drum but i don't recommend it


Capacitor will have a size written on it 7 UF or something close

11 Responses to “Hoover Candy Tumble dryer drum not turning and belt ok faulty capacitor”

  1. Paul says : Reply

    Thanks a lot for these videos, really helpful and meant I could fix my condenser tumble dryer for £6 instead of £100+.

  2. Cliff says : Reply

    Just watched some of your videos online which were very helpful so bought you a pint or two.

    I have a Hoover Vision HD tumble dryer , Model VHC 180 –80 and the Filter Care warning light comes on after a few seconds. I have defluffed everything that can be defluffed including the condenser but the light keeps coming on. After watching one of your videos I did try spinning the drum by hand with the power on and the thing worked fine. Does this mean it is definitely the capacitor or is there something else that should be checked first? The Filter Care light does not come on when the drum is spinning.

  3. john says : Reply

    Nice pictures but no video! Can you help I need to change the capacitor on DYC 893B.

  4. Arioch says : Reply

    I have a candy condensor tumble with a faulty capacitor it is a 7microfarad is it possible to replace it with an 8 microfard as that is all I have to hand and I am in quite a remote location .
    many thanks Arioch

  5. Philip Wakeford says : Reply

    Oh well, With your help I changed the capacitor on my hoover condenser tumble drier (previously no drum rotation, just a hum but it started rotating when I manually gave it a push). I was very methodical, but now I have the machine reassembled it is sill not working. It now just hums as before, but does not rotate even when I give it a push. I’m sure I did everything right…Gutted!

    Any ideas?


  6. paul says : Reply

    i need to replace a capacitor on a candy condenser dryer model GCC581NB-80 i can not find one for love or money can you help please kind regards paul

  7. chris dawson says : Reply

    Just been watching your video on capacitors on hover tumbler dryers.
    I have a condenser hover dryer and in your video you said that you have to remove the hole of the front that holds up the drum.
    And as I haven’t yet started on my dryer will i still have to take that out or can i get into the capacitor without removing the final front part that hold the drum
    Ps thanks for the videos keep up the great work you do

  8. Simon says : Reply

    My Candy GCC591NB-80 recently stopped mid-cycle and started buzzing. I thought perhaps it needed a good clean out so I de-fluffed the filter area and gave the condenser a clean. When that didn’t work, Google brought me here.
    Taking the lid off and palming the drum confirmed a failed capacitor. So, I set about following your instructions. It came apart ok, but I have large hands and it wasn’t easy to get them both in to disconnect and discharge the capacitor.
    I ordered an original Candy 7uf capacitor rather than a universal one. Still much cheaper than a third party repair.
    I had large-hand based difficulties fastening the new part back in place, dropping both the nut and washer inside. With a magnet and some huffing and puffing I completed the repair. The dryer is now reassembled and working.
    I am quite pleased with myself.
    Thank you for the online guide. I have made a donation in recognition of your very useful tutorial.
    Much appreciated.

  9. Ian says : Reply

    Thanks guys – your videos helped me diagnose a capacitor fault in my Hoover Vision VHC680-80 tumble dryer and gave me the confidence to disassemble the whole thing and replace it. Bought the part from you as well. Saved myself a couple of hundred quid with your help. Happy to buy you a couple of beers, your work is much appreciated.

  10. Claire says : Reply

    Brilliant video – I managed to replace my capacitor for £6.95 instead of paying Hoover £190 or replacing the machine thank you so much!

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