Hoover Vision Hd & Candy Washing Machine E08 Error Fault Code Replace Carbon Brushes

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E08 or Error 8 is a common error code on most Hoover Candy washing machines this usually indicates a problem with the motor, and the most common reason will be that the carbon brushes have worn down and not completing a circuit through the motor, replacement is easy and should be carried out with the machine disconnected from the mains supply this video will show you what to do.

 as the manufacturer does not always use the same motor on a production run there is sometimes variations in the carbon brushes that are used on this machine always inspect the Old carbon brushes before ordering new parts



The motor that was fitted to this machine is part number 41015501 As you can see from the diagram the manufacturer does not list the carbon brushes separately So make sure you inspect the carbon brushes before ordering new ones so that you get the correct ones.

 this motor was used on lots of Hoover Candy washing machines.

The carbon brushes used in this video were

AQUA 80F/2, CBD101.75S AU, CDB 264-80, CDB 264N-80, CDB 464-47S, CDB 465-47S, CDB 475D-01S, CDB 485D-37S, CDB 754D/1-80, CDB 754D-80, CDB 854D-80, CDB 854DN-80, CKDGO128, CL2 127/1-36S, CL2127-36S, CL2127-80, CL2 147-01S, CLD 135-AUS, CNA 127-80, CO 127DF-16S, CO 128DF-12, CO 146DF-84, CO 146DF/L1-84, CO 146F/2-14S, CO 146F/L-S, CO 217-47, CO 372-47, CO 373/L1-47, CWB 0713-07, CWB 1307-01S, CWB 1307-07, CWB 1307/L-S, CWB 1308-37S, CWB 1308/L-S, CWB 1372DN1-07, CWB 1372DN1-S, CWB 1382DN1-07S, CWB 1382DN1-S, CWB 714-80S, CWB 714D-80S, CWB 714D/L-80S, CWB 714DN1-S, CWB 814D-80S, CWB 814D/L-80S, CWB 814DN1-S, CWD 148-47, EVO 1272D/1-37, EVO 1272D/1-S, EVO 1272D-37, EVO 1272D-S, EVO 1282D2-12, EVO 1283DS-S, EVO 1283DW-01, EVO 1283DW/1-18, EVO 1283DW-18, EVO 1283DW/1-S, EVO 1283DW-S, EVO 1283DW-UK, EVO 1383D2W-47, EVO1472D1/K-IRAN, EVO1472D1S/K-IRA, EVO 1473DW-01, EVO 1473DW/1-S, EVO 1473DW-47, EVO 1473DW-S, EVO1483D1/K-IRAN, EVO1483D1S/K-IRA, EVO 1483D2W-47, EVO 1483DW/1-18, EVO 1483DW/1-37, EVO 1483DW-18, EVO 1483DW/1-80, EVO 1483DW/1-84, EVO 1483DW-37, EVO 1483DW-47, EVO 1483DW-80, EVO 1483DW-84, EVO 1484LW, EVO 1484LW-01, EVO 1484LW/1-S, EVO 1484LW-S, EVO 7142D-80, EVO 8123D-80, EVO 8143D-80, EVO 8143DB-80, EVO 8143DS-80, EVOW 2853D2-12, EVOW 4753D-80, EVOW 4853D-80, GC 1262D-01, GC 1272D2/1-S, GC 1272D2-S, GC 1281D/1-47, GC 1281D-47, GC 1282D1/1-S, GC 1282D1-S, GC 1282D1-UK, GC 1282DX1-S, GC 1361D-47, GC 1372D/1-47, GC 1382D1S/1-47, GC 1382D1S-47, GC 1382D2W-47, GC 1461D1/1-S, GC 1461D/1-84, GC 1462D1/1-S, GC 1472D1/1-80, GC 1481D1/1-S, GC 1481D1-S, GC1482D1/1-47, GC 1482D1/1-80, GC 1482D1/1-S, GC 1482D1-S, GC 1742D/1-47, GC4 1272D1/1-S, GC 7132DW/1-47, GC 7132DW-47, GC 7142DW2/1-47, GC 7142DW2-47, GO107/1-01, GO 108-01, GO 1080D-36S, GO 108/1-37, GO 108-16S, GO 127-18S, GO1272D-84S, GO 127DF-18S, GO 1280D-01, GO 1280D-16S, GO 1280D-37, GO1280DX-37S, GO 1282-80, GO 1282D-01, GO 1282D-04OS, GO 1282D-04S, GO 1282D/1-04S, GO 1282D/1-18S, GO 1282D-12, GO 1282D-18S, GO 1282D-37, GO 1282D/L1-S, GO 1282D/L-S, GO 1282DS-18S, GO 1282D-UK, GO 1284L-12, GO 128-86S, GO 128DF-18S, GO 128DF/L-S, GO128TXT-07S, GO 146DF/1-89S, GO 146DF-84, GO 146DF/L1-84, GO 146DF/L-S, GO 147-01, GO 147/1-01, GO 147-14, GO 147-80, GO 147DF-14S, GO 147DF/2-47, GO 147DF-47, GO 147DF-84, GO 147DF/L1-84, GO 147DF/L-47, GO 147DF/L-S, GO 1480D-37, GO 1480D-86S, GO 148-14, GO 148/1-86S, GO 1482-80, GO 148/2-86S, GO 1482D-14, GO 1482D-47, GO 1482D-84, GO 1482D-86S, GO 148/3-86S, GO 148-47, GO 148-86S, GO 148DF-03S, GO 148DF/1-84, GO 148DF-47, GO 148DF/K-IRAN, GO 148DF/L-47, GO 148DF/L-S, GO 148DFS/K IRAN, GO 148/L1-S, GO 148L-47, GO 148/L-S, GO 218-47, GO 282/1-80, GO 282/2-80, GO 282-80, GO 482/1-80, GO 482/2-80, GO 482-80, GO 712-37S, GO 712-47, GO 713/1-47, GO713-47, GO 714/1-47, GO 714-37S, GO 714-47, GO 812 AUS, GO812D-12S, GO 822-47, GO 914-49, GODF 800/1-80, GODF 800-80, GODF 800/L-80, GO F127-01S, GO F127/1-47, GO F127/2-47, GO F127-47, GO F137-47, GO F146/1-47, GO F146/2-84, GO F146/L1-84, GO F146/L-47, GO F147-01S, GO F218-47, GO F462/2-80, GO F462/L-80, GOF 472/2-80, GO F472/3-80, GOF 472/L-80, GOF 822/1-80, GOF 822-80, GOF 842/1-80, GOF 842-80, GO K129 DS EG, GO W1458/1-37S, GO W1458-37S, GOW 4751D-47, GOW 4751DS-47, GOW475-80, GO W475-S, GO W477-47, GOW 485-80, GO W485D-01S, GO W485D-47, GO W485DS-04S, GO W485DS-66, GOW 485S-80, GV 137TC1/K-IRAN, GV 137TCS1/K-IRA, GVW45 385TC-07, GVW45 385TC/1-07, GVW45 385TC-47, GVW45 385TC-80, GVW45 385TWC-S, SKD GO 149
AHD 148V/1-80, CKD HNF 6138 SY, CKDVHD814, DXA 47/1-AUS, DXC 27/1-AUS, DYN 10146P8-S, DYN 7124DZ-30, DYN 7125D2-EGY, DYN7125D-S, DYN 7125DS2-EGY, DYN 7125DZ-30, DYN 7144D/1-16S, DYN 7144DS/1-80, DYN 8124D/1-17, DYN 8124D-17, DYN 8124D-18S, DYN 8124D-31S, DYN 8124D-80, DYN 8124D/L1-80, DYN 8124D/L-80, DYN 8124DS1-OS, DYN 8124DS-31S, DYN 8124DS-OS, DYN 8124DZ-30, DYN 8144D/1-89S, DYN 8144D1X/1-80, DYN 8144D-80, DYN 8144D-84, DYN 8144D-89S, DYN 8144DB/2-80, DYN 8144DB-80, DYN 8144DG8/1-80, DYN 8144DHC-16S, DYN 8144D/L1-80, DYN 8144D/L-80, DYN 8145D-S, DYN 8154D1BX/1-8, DYN 8154D1BX-80, H147-47, HDB 642-80, HDB 642N-80, HDB854D/1-80, HDB 854D-30S, HDB 854D-80, HI148-47, HNF 6127-14, HNF 6127-37S, HNF6127-47, HNF 6137-16S, HNF 6147-14, HNF 7127-80, HNF 7127S-80, HNF 7128-80, HNF 7138-80, HNF 7147-80, HNF 7148-80, HNF 9137 - 03 S, HNF 9137-86S, HNL 842-80, HNWF 6137E-30, HNWF 7137-80, HNWF 7148-80, HPF 137-80, HSWF 147-80 SOFT, HW 355- 47, HWB 8135DN1-S, HWB 814D-30S, HWB 814D-80S, HWB 814D/L-80S, HWB 814D/L-S, HWB 814DN1-80S, HWB 814DN1-S, OPH 147/2-80, OPH 147-80, OPH 148-80, OPH 614/2-80, OPH 614/L-80, OPH 714D/1-80, OPH 714D/2-80, OPH 714D-80, OPH 714DF-80, OPH 714DF/L-80, OPH 714DS/1-80, OPH 714DS/2-80, OPH 714DS-80, OPH 814/1-86S, OPH 814/2-86S, OPH 814-86S, OPH 814D21-S, SE 147, SE 147/1-80, SE 147/2-80, SE 147/3-80, SE 148/1-80, SE 148-80, SKDVHD814S, VHD 128-18S, VHD 146A/2, VHD 146A/L-80, VHD 147A/1, VHD 147A/L-80, VHD 148-86S, VHD 148A, VHD 148A/1, VHD 148A/L1-80, VHD 148A/L-80, VHD 614/3-84, VHD 7124ZD-30, VHD 71424D-84, VHD 7144D-14S, VHD7144D/2-84, VHD 7144D/3-84, VHD 7144D-84, VHD 7144D/L-S, VHD 714-84, VHD 714-89S, VHD 71624D/L1-84, VHD 810-04S, VHD 810-30, VHD 811-30, VHD 812/1-30, VHD 812-14, VHD 812/1-47, VHD 8122-80, VHD812/2-85S, VHD 812-30, VHD8123D07S, VHD 812-47, VHD 8124D-30, VHD 8124ZD-30, VHD 812-80, VHD 812-85S, VHD 812-AU, VHD 812D/K-SYR, VHD812/L1-S, VHD812/L-S, VHD 812S-80, VHD 814-14, VHD 814/1-47, VHD 814/1-86S, VHD 8142-80, VHD814/3-86S, VHD8143DB-80, VHD 814-47, VHD 8144 D-84, VHD 8144D-AUS, VHD 8144DB-84S, VHD 8144D HC-04S, VHD 8144 D/L-84, VHD 814-80, VHD 814-86S, VHD 814/L1-S, VHD814/L-S, VHD 822/1-80, VHD822-80, VHD 842/1-80, VHD 842-80, VHD 844DB-80, VHD 8812-47, VHD 8813-47, VHD 8814D-47, VHDF 714/L-S, VHF 514-84, VHF 514/L-84, VHF 614-84, VHF 614-89S, VHF 614/L1-84, VHF 614/L-S, VHW458A-80, VH W854 D-80, VH W854DB-80, VHW854ZD-86S, VT 614D1/1-84, VT 614D11-S, VT 614D2/1-84, VT 713D21/1-80, VT 714D21-80, VT 812D11/1-S, VT 812D11-S, VT 814D11/1-S, VT 814D11-S, VT 814D21-80, VT 814D21-S, VTC 814D21B/1-80, VTC 814D21W/1-80, WDXA45 385A-S, WDXA 4851-80, WDXC 4751-80, WDXC 4851/1-80, WDXC 4851-80, WDXC 485C1B-80, WDXC C4851/1-80, WDXC C4851-80, WDXC C4851B/1-80, WDXC C4851B-80, WDXT45 385A/1-S, WDXT45 385A-S, WDYN 458A-80, WDYN 755D-80, WDYN 755DB-80, WDYN 8154D-80, WDYN854D-80, WDYN854DB-80, WDYN 855D-80, WMH147DF/1-80, WMH147DF-80, WMH 147DF/L-80, WMH148DF/1-80, WMH148DF-80, WMH148DF/L1-80, WMH148DF/L-80, WT 1408 E

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  1. Adrian says : Reply

    machine shows E03 but machine does drain

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