Hotpoint Aquarius FDM Dishwasher flashing lights and there fault codes

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Dishwasher not heating time out fault. “Salt and rinse aid lights are flashing, so are the start/pause and the Drying lights.”



Why not fix it yourself following these simple steps in the video and avoid the expensive call out charges of an engineer. A simple service of your dishwasher or replacing parts often solves the problem.

Fault or error codes used in Aquarius range dishwashers produced Hotpoint however, these error codes may apply to a few other dishwasher brands as well. Like Indesit and some Creda.
These fault codes are written for engineers not for the general public we will always help where we can in helping you identify the fault but these codes below will help you.
People need a certain level of competence in using these codes to identify the fault with the dishwasher and you will still need to investigate each failure on its own please enter any questions you have below this article.


These flashing lights can be error code for the anti flood switch activated.

These flashing lights can be error code for the anti flood switch activated.


hotpoint aquarius FDM550 fault error code A10 heater fault

Salt and rinse aid lights flashing & start/pause and the Drying lights. A10 heater fault


The heater that was fitted in this video

Click to buy this heater in the video For this Hotpoint Dishwasher

Hotpoint Aquarius FDF & FDM Dishwasher Common Erorr Fault Codes

A-1: Overfilling

Flood protection activated
Check pressure switch
Check wiring

A-2: Water inlet valve error or turbine error, dishwasher not filllling with water

Check water supply
Check inlet hose
Check water inlet valve
Check wiring

A-3: Dishwasher times out when draining - water will not drain
Check for blockage
Check outlet hose for blockage or obstruction
Check drain pump
Check wiring

A-4: Error detected on thermistor circuit
Check wiring to thermisrtor
Check thermistor

A-5: Circulation pump blocked or faulty
Check filters
Check circulation pump motor for blockages
Check main circulation pump

A-6: Water inlet times out, dishwasher not filllling with water
Check water supply
Check inlet hose
Check water inlet valve
Check wiring

A-7: Turbine faulty - electronic module has detected no turbine rotation
Check turbine
Check wiring

A-8: Heating phase has timed out - dishwasher fails to heat the water
Check wash heater
Check thermistors

A-9: Software recognition error - EEPROM error
Reprogram the dishwasher EEPROM
Replace electronic control module

A-10: Heating circuit error detected
Check water heating element
Check thermostats
Check wiring

A-12: Communications error between control boards
Check wiring between control boards
Replace electronic control module

A-13: Non-operative electroniuc control module
Reprogram the dishwasher EEPROM
Replace electronic control module

Please note that the manufacturer can and do change fault codes without notice and we cannot guarantee that these error codes will apply to your particular model as all codes apply to a wide range of appliances and not normally any one specific model.

61 Responses to “Hotpoint Aquarius FDM Dishwasher flashing lights and there fault codes”

  1. Mark says : Reply

    Dishwasher filling up with water and water heating up cleaned all debris from pump and filter but still don’t spray water around inside machine

  2. Cree says : Reply

    Hi, I’m finding my hot point dishwasher fdm 550 isn’t working facing it, the on/off button to the left is on red as is another red light by an X mark. To the right the start button light is on green & the is the wash indicator is amber….. Nothing is happening. Any advice please will appreciated.
    Thank you

  3. Cree says : Reply

    No flashing lights by the way…

  4. Clare says : Reply

    Hi I have a hot point dishwasher fdal 11010, half way thru any cycle it’s stopping and the on off button and salt and rinse aid are flashing red, have u any ideas thanks

  5. Ken Morrow says : Reply

    Hi I have a hotppoint fdm 550 not operating properprly. When it won’t start the Start/pause light only is flashing. What alarm code is this, and can you help please?

  6. Yvette says : Reply

    I have a FDM550 dishwasher. It starts to fill but then stops. The only lights that are flashing are the wash and end lights. Can you give me some pointers please

  7. Spib says : Reply

    I have a fdff 1110 dishwasher showing a fault of a-16 anyone any ideas on this please

  8. biglee.7811 says : Reply

    Have a FDF784 dishwasher which came up with fault A5 circ pump replaced pump and heater still have fault. Drains fills fault a5 and drains
    could this be a pressure switch issue

  9. Jayne says : Reply

    I have dc28 dishwasher which has flashing green light on the wash hutton

  10. Jayne says : Reply

    I have a dc28 dishwasher which has flashing green light in wash light

  11. Mrs D Robinson says : Reply

    Having trouble with door closing properly
    Had the basket shelves out to check obstructions. Door won’t click closed properly?

  12. Paul Matthams says : Reply

    I left you message before but gave the wrong info.
    The machine is a Hotpoint Aquarius FDM550. Hopefully this is the info you need.
    There is no other plate or anything with a serial number that I can see.


  13. June Russell says : Reply

    I have a Hotpoint Aquarius FDAL 28 dish washer, the wash cycle starts normally, then after 10 minutes, the Wash, Drying and power on and off lights all flash and the machine stops. It does not dissolve washing tablet. Any ideas??
    Thank you.

  14. pauline ward says : Reply

    my dishwasher is flashing a2but cant find the inlet valve to check hotpoint aquarious fdpf481g

    • the water valve is normally at the bottom left-hand side of the machine, there are a lot of other devices behind the left hand side side panel which are to do with the fill system

      Paul Charmbury
      Appliances Engineer
      youtube facebook google+ beer
  15. Anne TyrrellTyrrell says : Reply

    Having problems with my Hotpoint FDM550.

    The buttons are sticking on the control panel on / off switch sticking and also the start button …..any suggestions on how to remedy this fault also the tablet dispenser is also sticking.

  16. LB says : Reply

    Hi, my Aquarius 11010 model works up to the point of drying them the salt/rinse aid lights flash, but the start and drying lights don’t. Could this still be a heater problem as shown in your vid? Thanks

  17. mark swift says : Reply

    my hotpoint aquarius fdL570 WASH LIGHT flashes and end light and power light it starts pump some times fills and rinses but nothing els

  18. Paul says : Reply

    Hi I have a Hotpoint Aquarius FDAL11010 dishwasher the fault lights that are on are as follows – the salt and rinse aid leds are flashing and the wash and heat leads are on solid can you help me

  19. Glyn Holtham says : Reply

    Hi Paul. My hotpoint FDL570 has red salt and rinse aid lights flashing and amber wash and drying lights flashing. Can you please advise.
    Many thanks.

  20. Louisa Brown says : Reply

    My hotpoint Aquarius fdl570 keeps getting stuck at the drying point (or second button down) – all lights start to flash – can you help me remedy this please

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