Hotpoint Ariston aqualtis washing machine will not start how to replace door lock

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A Common fault with Hotpoint Ariston aqualtis washing machine is that the appliance will not start; you may have an error code showing on digital display which only means a fault is detected. or you may have flashing lights and the door will not open this video will show you how to replace the old door lock or sometimes known as interlock, we will also show you how to get your laundry out while you are waiting for the part to arrive.

This tutorial will show you how to identify a Door Interlock fault on aqualtis washing machines.

Before doing any work on the appliance, disconnect it from the electric supply!

Hotpoint Ariston Aqualtis Door Interlock Repair Video. The lights on the washing machine are on however the cycle will start neither will the door open. To safely remove clothes from the machine, unplug from the mains then remove the bottom cover below the door.

  • On the left you will find a yellow emergency release toggle. Pull on the toggle and pull the door open at the same time. The toggle releases the lock and the door should open. If the toggle is missing you will have to take the top cover off the machine and reach the interlock from above.
  • There is a release mechanism on the interlock itself. Once the door is open you´ll notice the full serial number either on the door or on the casing or both.
  • To order a replacement part it is useful to note down this number.
  • To change the interlock you will need a Phillips or torx screwdriver and a small flatheaded screwdriver.
  • Firstly remove the spring from around the door seal.
  • Then you can push the rubber door seal to one side to get at the interlock. You can now unscrew the interlock from the machine and pull it into the open where you can remove the emergency release toggle.
  • You can then unplug the interlock from the machines internal electrics.
  • Now plug in the new interlock and reconnect the toggle. After replacing the interlock you can put back the rubber door seal and securing spring. After this you can plug into the mains and switch on the machine



2 Responses to “Hotpoint Ariston aqualtis washing machine will not start how to replace door lock”

  1. Mr Ian James says : Reply

    mine is coming up with please close the door to start would this be the same issue

  2. Norma says : Reply

    My Ariston washing machine did not run after I accidentally press the delay timer. This model is WMG829 B-AUS,

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