How a Washing machine water valve works

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How a Washing machine water valve works

This video will show you the common faults on washing machines water valves.
To order your washing machine Water Valve you will need your full model number (This is normally around the washing machine door frame on a sticker)

how washing machine water valve works

washing machine water valve

washing machine triple water valve


Common faults why water does not go into your washing machine:

1 The water only goes into machine at certain points of the washing machine program.

2 The washing machine slowly fills when the power is of the machine.

3 The washing machine starts but then stops with only a small amount of water in the drum. (this is normally low water pressure or blocked filter in the water valve)

4 No water goes into the machine at all.

2 Responses to “How a Washing machine water valve works”

  1. Martin Evans says : Reply

    I have a 5 year old Samsung washer, WD8704RJA. It stopped working and displayed 4E. The water supply was correct and I tried the machine again, it ran correctly for 57 minutes of a 70 minute programme and then got stuck, it does not display an error message and just makes a whirring sound.
    I have watched and been impressed by Paul’s tutorial video and hope you can provide some guidance for me.

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