How to Activate and Deactivate Child lock on Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machine

by / Monday, 28 February 2022 / Published in Door Locks & Switches, Washing machines

This video will show you how to turn the child lock on and off on your Samsung washing machine.

How do I switch the child lock on my Samsung washing machine on and off, The Child lock allows you to lock the buttons and start button but not the on/off on your washer so that your selected cycle can't be changed.



We have a full playlist on Samsung washing machine faults/ error codes and also tutorials and faq’s  When child lock is enabled, all the buttons on the control panel will be locked except for the power button, and an icon will appear and flash on the display every time a button is pressed. The door will never open if the machine is in operation or the machine has water in it. But at the moment you can open the door if the Samsung washer is powered off with no water in it, it would have been a better design if you could only open the door after turning off the child lock.

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