How to change a fan oven element-General guide.

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How to change a fan oven element General guide


Cooker & Oven Fan Oven Elements

Cooker & Oven Fan Oven Elements

 Your fan oven that has stopped heating up is one of the most common oven problems that oven repair & cooker repair engineers are called to in the house. In most cases it is simply a faulty fan oven element.

If you call the manufacture or employ the services of a cooker repair company to replace an oven element is going to cost you in the region of £50 – £125 depending on the company.

We will not only show you in our video how to change the part for free, we will also show you the really cheap way of finding the element around these instructions.




Text Instructions

Whether your oven is built in or freestanding, a single or double oven, it makes no difference as the procedure is the same. The first step of the repair is to remove the ‘back-plate’ from inside the fan oven. This is to establish if the cooker or oven will need to come out if it is in a built in unit.

Remove oven when screws are out.

Elements used to heat fan-assisted ovens are, in most cases, located at the rear, behind the back plate. Back plates vary in how they are fixed in place, but normally they are held in by between screws or alankeys.

Taking out the back plate

Once the back plate has been removed the fan oven element and the fan blades will be exposed.

In many cases cooker elements will show visual signs of failure; there may be signs of burning, blowing, bulging, or splitting, in a particular area of the fan oven element. This is confirmation that your oven element needs replacing.

Be aware, however, that in many cases there will be no obvious visual signs of failure whatsoever. (You can test the element with a meter) With the element exposed It will also now become apparent if you need to gain access to the rear of the oven to remove the element.

In most cases there will be no need to remove the oven in order to complete the repair. If the element is simply screwed in place with the screw heads showing then you are in luck. It is just a matter of removing these screws or alankeys and disconnecting the wires.

In these circumstances once the fixing screws have been removed the element will come away from its position. Be careful not to accidentally pull off the electrical wires that are connected to the element as you pull the element free. In some instances manufacturers leave hardly enough wiring which can make it difficult to remove the connections.

If you happen to pull off a connection, the wire may remain in the rear of the oven and you will have to gain access to the rear. I normally put some tape on to hold the in place.

If the element has been secured by screws from the rear of the cooker cavity then the oven will need to be removed from its housing (built in ovens only) in order to remove the back cover. The screws holding the cooker element in place can then be removed easily.




Always ensure that you make a note of which way round the wires are connected to the oven element before you remove them. Most manufactures recommend that you replace your element with a genuine part that will cost you a fair bit. In my 25 year experience most pattern elements that are made are fine and will last just as long, they are normally the same make but come without the pretty manufactures bag or box.

51 Responses to “How to change a fan oven element-General guide.”

  1. Apexa says : Reply

    I don’t know how to take the inside back off to access and replace the heating element. There are no screws, also do I have to remove the grill? The make and model is Candy FFN403X

  2. a davies says : Reply

    I am trying to replace fan element on a Carlton C60FW, there is a clip holding element in which I cannot manoeuvre out without removing wires which I cannot get to, do I need to take the back off or am i not accessing the wires correctly, i.e., should I be bolder in pulling them from casing?

  3. Sharon says : Reply

    Trying to replace element on proline pso60fx. I’m not sure what I should be removing at the back of oven to get access to the screws for element as it doesn’t appear to be removable via the front. Thanks

  4. Jessica says : Reply

    What is the walk through for a statesman cooker serial number SWIFT50ES

    Thank you

  5. Graham Lilley says : Reply

    Trying to replace element in a leisure eb10frx, can you confirm I need to access the rear to remove the element screws?

  6. Justyna says : Reply

    hi i have mixed the cables… how can i find out now how to connect new element?

  7. Mike Sweetman says : Reply

    I have ordered a new element for my fan oven using the correct part number.It should be 2200watts. I have received 3 now and each one has the correct number but are rated 2500watts. Can I use it? It is the same size and looks identical.

    • hi mike looking at our records you you did not order any parts of us. i suggest you get the right element for your model, if you send us your full model number i might be able to help

  8. Aidan Calder says : Reply

    i have been set the wrong element for a hotpoint de89x. the cooker had a 1600watt element and i have been sent a 2000watt one. same dimensions. all components seem to be rated high enough and have a 10mm feed wire to wall outlet. will it do any harm surley it will just pull a bit more power and heat up a bit quicker

  9. Matt says : Reply

    I recently purchased a new element for my oven, had to access it from the back. I forgot to make note of which wires go where, is there a way of helping?
    It is a Capel C 206 M/SS

  10. Frances says : Reply

    Hi, I have tried to replace the fan oven element in my Stoves Prelude but now nothing works not even the fan.
    Initially I had the wrong element to replace it with so the two prongs were too widely spaced to go back through the holes. It was Xmas eve so I didn’t bother and just switched the cooker back on so I could use the other oven. The oven therefore was left with no element, but I didn’t turn the dial so it was’t switched on.
    Now I have the correct part and it is corretly fitted (checked on YouTube for a Stoves oven) but nothing’s happening not even the fan or the light.
    What have I gone and done?

  11. Grag says : Reply

    Thnak you for these tutorials!! very very useful! I had the same problem. I have siemens oven ( and a master said that it will cost about $50 to fix it. I was schocked but then was searching to a google and faced to your article! I followed to all your advises! Video is very clear and understandable! I can’t imagine but i did everything by myself!Thnak you so much for post!

  12. Nick says : Reply

    Have just changed the element on a Lamona double oven (LAM4601) but now the fan won’t turn. Any ideas?

    • check its not on auto timer and check motor is getting 240v first

      • David says : Reply

        Re: Nick ‘Have just changed the element on a Lamona double oven (LAM4601)….’
        I have same double oven LAM4601 model, took off fan/element cover inside lower oven. Clearly needs replacement (corroded / black-grey crusting). What is the element I need? And will I need to remove oven from built in housing or just remove screws around element? or….? Any ideas?

  13. Karen says : Reply

    Hi , I would like to order a part for the delounghi dfs 903.1st it’s the element round the fan could you help , also there is no screws to remove part will I have to access from back of cooker , thanks

  14. Dave says : Reply

    I have a LAMONA LAM4400 – I can’t see how to remove the back plate from inside the oven to replace the element. Do i need to access from the rear on this oven ?

  15. ron watson says : Reply

    hi paul hope you can help
    i am attempting to remove an oven element froma Leisure Cuisine Master range oven i can access the element no problem but the elmnt is not fixed by screws they look as if they are soldered to a plate which is then soldered to the oven back – how can i remove the element?

  16. ron watson says : Reply

    forgot to mention serial number is CS90F530

  17. Grant says : Reply

    I have a hot point dy46x mk2 oven. The element went and have a new one to replace it. Upon taking old one out it only has 2 wires. Live and neutral. Is this right as some videos show 3 wires

  18. Stacey says : Reply

    Great tutorial thanks. We have removed the element but still get continuity when tested with a meter, There are no visual signs of failure on the element, is this indicative that the element is not the fault? Its a Beko ODF22300X and the main oven does not heat up, but the fan, light and top oven still work. Thanks

  19. clare bentley says : Reply

    hi i have remeoved the heating element from my oven only i cant remember which way round the wires go it is a leisure alta dual fuel cooker

  20. Nicol says : Reply

    Hi trying to change the elemmet on a belling synergy oven have taken off the back plate but there is not screws to remove the elemmet.

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