How to make a automatic watering system out of a washing machine water valve

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Have you ever thought about creating your own Garden Irrigation System for your garden or hanging baskets well you can with a few Micro Irrigation fittings and a washing machine watering valve, then you can hook this up to an auto time or a smart switch to work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri. then you will have control from anywhere.

You can build a basic manual watering irrigation system for as little as £15 but if you want it set up on a timer then they start at about £10 for a programmable switch.

If you want to go the full hog then you need Alexa, Google or Siri smart device and a wifi switch which is compatible with these devices, I use the outdoor socket Sonoff S55 

you can also use the Sonoff switches if you want.

Water valves are easy to source just type single, twin, or treble into the search followed by the word water valve and you should find it, if not send us an email we will be glad to help you.

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Step 1 - Safety Advice
Safety First! Please make sure that always Eath you system

Step 2 - Find the Correct water valve for your water system
this depends on how big the system is that you need to build

Step 3 - you can have multi water switches to do different areas in your garden


Make sure you buy 220-240 volt water valves for your Garden Irrigation watering System


Make sure the water proof box is adequate in size to house your valves and pipes


Design your watering system irrigation box first before cutting holes


Make sure your watering system wiring is well insulated from the elements


You can use a basic watering system timer switch


Testing your Garden Irrigation Watering System


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