How to open a washing machine door that is stuck shut.

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How to open a washing machine door that is stuck shut.


There are mainly reasons that a washing machine door won’t open

1 The washing machine door handle may have broken.

2 The pin that holds the door shut may have jammed due to the door mechanism being jammed.

3 The electronic door lock called an interlock may be broken.

4 The washing machine may still be full of water and therefore not letting you open the door

This is just a quick video to show you 3 techniques on how to open a washing machine door, but if your washing machine is still full of water see other videos on emptying your washing machine before you try to open the door. it will stop you having a flooded kitchen. people always say my? washing machine door will not open, washing machine door won’t open, how to open washing machine door, how to open a washing machine door, open washing machine door, how to open a stuck washing machine door.


35 Responses to “How to open a washing machine door that is stuck shut.”

  1. M rose says : Reply

    Thank you very helpfull

  2. amanda says : Reply

    My partner was at work when my washing machine lock failed, and eventually I found your website. I had to improvise slightly with a long boot lace but bingo-it worked!Your advice was invaluable,thank you!

  3. adrian says : Reply

    Many Thanks for the tips. Helped out a lot:)

  4. Suzi says : Reply

    Thank you, I can now get my washing out at least…need to know how to fix it now…lol.

  5. Terry Canning says : Reply

    I had problem with washing machine door jammed shut with full load of washing, your video very useful thanks.

  6. Joe says : Reply

    Amazing. Had to use a shoe lace, but did the trick. Life saver thank you so much!

  7. Gemma Williams says : Reply

    This really works. We improvised with a bit of string. Thank you for sharing

  8. Scott kreiner says : Reply

    My machine has a door that is flush with the machine, i don’t want to have to go inside because I’m super clumsy… Any ideas?

  9. emma says : Reply

    I have a BEKO with a door that is slightly set in. how do i get the fishing wire in to open the door in this case? thanks

  10. Kat says : Reply

    Thanks so much for this! I was so close to breaking the door! It worked a treat.

  11. Smitra says : Reply

    Very very very very helpful . God bless you!

  12. Wouldn’t ya know it your video doesn’t cover the one machine that died for me lol. Had a Hotpoint 800 Electronic 9515 die on me, i popped the top off on the assumption ide have to pop the back off that interlock but lucky enough my model just pulls upward gently and releases the door with less strain than the handle ever did. I tied a slipnot on some string, fed it under and around, through a hole in the shell and it hangs down the side. saved me 40+ for now lol.

  13. Jahnavi says : Reply

    Thanks, it worked

  14. Brendan says : Reply

    Watched a YouTube vid about this which stated very matter of factly that if the latch is broken with the door locked closed, the only option possible is to replace the entire door. Then I saw this website. 10 – 15 mins struggling with some string, and hey presto, open sesame!! Thanks very much!!! This was great advice!! 🙂

  15. Gillian McMillan says : Reply

    Thank you so much, works a treat and had to use string. ????????

  16. Declan says : Reply

    Hi Paul. I have a Zanussi Lindo 300 washing machine – 2yrs old, infrequently used, ZWF 81260W/ 81460W manual – won’t start the washing cycle. No matter what I try to programme, the door lock is flashing and clicking (three medium clicks then two quicker ones) but nothing is happening. And now I can’t open the door even if I unplug the machine. The string technique doesn’t appear to work but re that first option, would you know which way the lock opens on these machines?

  17. Lindsay Millard says : Reply

    Hello Paul, my machine is an LG WD-1435RD Front Loader, the handle pull is broken, it is stuck in the open position and the door is stuck. I have tried the nylon line with no luck, so I took the top of and had a look, I can see the lock mechanism & can slide my hand down to it but cannot push anything as it is to tight down there. I looked at the frame to take of the side & the sides & back are one piece. I cannot find a way into the door lock mechanism can you please advise me.

  18. Paul says : Reply

    Brilliant tip. Machine just blowed up with clothes inside. Got them out in seconds. Thanks

  19. gary says : Reply

    Hi I have a logic L712wms13 and it keeps showing a red padlock symbol when i try a wash or on any cycle, and will not start any programme can you help please.

  20. Margarida says : Reply

    Hi Paul my washing machine door is closed, everytime I try to switch it on, it trips and all the power goes out on the other appliances please can you give me some advice how I can get my washing out

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