How to remove a washing machine sump hose and filter to clear blockages

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How to clear a blokage in a washing machine cleaning sump hose



We have made 3 videos on clearing blockages in washing machines, this one will show you how to clear the sump hose and filter, the other videos below will show you how to clear a pump and also how to remove foreign objects from within the drum.

Rags and baby socks jammed in the sump hose

Rags and baby socks jammed in the sump hose

There have been many sump hoses developed over the years, they normally have coin traps and anti siphon balls fitted, on a lot of machines there is also a pressure vessel that attaches to the pressure switch via a small pipe, as the water rises in the vessel it creates air pressure which tells the pressure switch how much water is in the machine. All these pipes need to be cleared of any debris, Calcium and sludge to keep the machine in good order.

If a washing machine is left  for a long period of  time without use  the anti siphon ball can sometimes stick against the rubber hose this is just one reason why you should keep these pipes clean.  it is a good idea to put your washing machine on a hot wash once a month to dissolve any muck in the machine or unused detergent.

you can see why they call it a coin trap

you can see why they call it a coin trap

The sump filter trap is designed to catch small items before it reaches the pump this stop damage to the impeller on the pump, (Also known as a coin trap or engineer's piggy bank) It is not unknown for me to find in excess of £10 in some of these filters And I have also found wedding rings and Jewellery.

The anti siphon ball was developed to stop odours coming back into the machine It also can stop waste water entering the drum but there is usually a flap fitted on the outlet pipe which does this as well.

washing machine anti siphon ball

washing machine anti siphon ball

Things to remember are not to overload the machine as this is what forces things into the bottom half of the drum and always empty all your pockets before putting them into the machine as it only takes one coin to cause catastrophic damage to the drum.


I have been using these Bore-scopes to find foreign objects in washing machines for years They plug into any mobile phone and you can buy them for iPhones as well tablets and PCs
You can only find them for under £10 I have put it link here

4 Responses to “How to remove a washing machine sump hose and filter to clear blockages”

  1. arunlata sharma says : Reply

    i use fully automatic washing machine problem is that water from tab to washing machine is not running.i have cleaned answer

  2. teresa alderton says : Reply

    I have a beko 9kg washing machine it comes on fills up but does not wash then it cuts off came you help

  3. alison owens says : Reply

    Hi I have a Indesit Innex model no. XWD 71252.
    The machine is working fine but although it is spinning
    the clothes are still very wet and still some water in the drum.
    Can you help.thx

  4. Bellamy says : Reply

    My machine got stuck on ‘pause’ this morning before I started the wash. (Beko WMB71642 W). I turned the machine off, did the 12 o clock diagnostic and got the code E18. I drained a tiny bit of water via the black drain hose near the filter and then removed the filter. Found 1 x 20p, 1 x 5p and a bra strap! I have checked the main drain hose which is clear but I still can’t get the machine off ‘pause’ and it is still showing E18 when I do the diagnostic. The diagnostic also sticks on the first bit (showing everything lit up), when I press the start button, it doesn’t move to the second screen with everything flashing – just stays all lit up no matter what I do. Any thoughts? Is there a way that I can clear the error code or is it likely there is a further problem? Many thanks.

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