How to Remove Items from a washing machine drum like bra wire, coins, screws

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How to remove bra wire, coins, screws from a washing machine drum



If your washing machine is making an unusual noise like knocking scraping or scratching, this video will help you remove items from the drum there are also videos below to help you remove items from the sump hose and the pump system. The most common items that can get lodged in a washing machine drum are bra wire, coins, screws , baby socks, rags and general items that get left in pockets in 35 years of fixing washing machines I have seen All sorts, Some of the best finds i have had are wedding rings and Jewelry I think I must have had the few ounces of broken necklaces in this time.

If you have an item stuck in your washing machine there are only really only two ways to obtain access to the drum .

Bra wires get caught around washing machine heating elements

Bra wires get caught around washing machine heating elements

The first is to remove the heating element this will give you a sideways view at the bottom of the machine,  you may also need to rotate the drum while looking through the hole.

The second way is to remove the sump hose You can see how to do this in  our other video I have put the link below link below.

Once you have seen the item that you need to remove you may need  something to hook the item out with,  I use a long screwdriver with a hook on it cut a metal coat hanger  cut and bent over at the end is a great DIY tool for this job.

Once you have found the item and removed it I still recommend that you remove the sump hose  and also inspect the pump filter for any debris. 

There is a video below showing you how to maintain your washing machine pump


The most common Things to look out for if your washing machine is still noisy are

  • items rattling around in the drum watch this video above.
  • concrete balance weights can become loose or cracked.
  • The  main motor can become loose on its  brackets.
  • The main pulley wheel may have a fracture in it.
  • The drum  bearings maybe warn.
  • The spider that holds the bearing system together to the drum may be fractured.
  • Suspension legs are worn or broken.

If you do not deal with these faults or noises  immediately they can become become catastrophic I need to the total failure of your washing machine



You can see the damage a sock has done to this washing machine drum

If your washing machine is making an unusual noise like knocking, scraping or scratching, then this will help you.
First unplug your washing machine before doing any sort of maintenance.
One of the most common causes of strange sounds in your washing machine is due to objects like bra wire, coins, screws getting into the drum that shouldn't be there. The main cause of this is overloading, when a drum is overloaded small items can be pushed towards the glass and then pushed between the door seal  and the inner drum This is where the damage can be caused.


I have been using these Bore-scopes to find foreign objects in washing machines for years They plug into any mobile phone and you can buy them for iPhones as well tablets and PCs
You can only find them for under £10 I have put it link here


bra wire, coins, screws , baby socks, rags all get stuck in pump filters


baby socks, screws and coins all can damage drums


washing machine concrete counterweight brake if they are loose


Drum spiders can brake when drums are jammed


Motor brackets brake if left loose


Pulley wheel can crack and make a lot of noise

17 Responses to “How to Remove Items from a washing machine drum like bra wire, coins, screws”

  1. Michael Gittoes says : Reply

    Do you have a specific tutorial on removing an object from a Bosch Washing Machine ?

  2. Zoë says : Reply

    You are a wonderful man! You have saved us a fortune, taught us valuable skills and made me feel very proud of myself. This is a brilliant tutorial and I just wanted to tell you how grateful we are to you. Thank you thank you thank you. We owe you a beer! Xxx

  3. Inês Silva says : Reply

    Hello. I had to disassemble my washing machine to retrieve an important ring that was stuck in the sump hose. However, first I tried to remove the heating element but it was stuck. As I was assemble the machine back together, the nut in the heating element is pushed inside and I can’t bring it out. What can I do? Do I have to buy a new heating element? Thank you!

  4. Rae edwards says : Reply

    Hi, I have replaesed bearings and seals on Miele front loader ,rebuilt put on test. But lhve a slight leak of the band on drum. What sealer l should use. The seal looked ok. Many thanks Rae

  5. Chris Bee says : Reply

    Thanks for your tips to remove item stuck in the machine! I pulled these out of the heater hole on an AEG Lavamat LW1460. One was stuck on the heater element and the other was loose between the drum and the tub. We’re these an internal part, as I have no idea what they are, where they came from, or how they got in there? They’re about the size of a pingpong ball but the plastic is much thicker and there is a difference in plastic thickness between the two pieces. I’m baffled.


  6. Napoleon says : Reply

    Excellent Tutorial !!!!!

  7. Napoleon says : Reply

    Excellent Tutorial!!!!!

  8. elizabeth burchell says : Reply


  9. Tracey Bailes says : Reply

    Hi I have an object stuck in my washer I can only turn the drum manually now when I switch the washer on it fills but the drum doesn’t move and makes a loud noise prior to this when spinning it made a loud noise thank you

  10. Elmari says : Reply

    Thank you so much for the video on how to remove items from a washing machine drum. We found the offending plastic item in the sump hose right away. It had been inside the drum for less than a full wash cycle and already pretty damaged – so glad we didn’t just leave it in there as originally planned! We would never have had a go removing it ourselves without a tutorial – so, thank you again!

  11. Mendy says : Reply

    Please advise how I should go about with my Logik l814wm16 washing machine which make a loud noise like a jet taking off, what could be the possible problem.

    Thank you very much

  12. Mikko says : Reply

    Excellent tutorial, thanks! Just fished out a piece of wire from my machine. I have a bore-scope, but it was so thick that I could not feed it in between the seal and the drum. I found that a good way to see into the bottom of the casing was to shine a bright flashlight through the holes in the washing drum. I used a small rag as a seal around the flashlight to block light leaking back form between the flashlight and the surface of the drum. Then rapidly rotate the drum (and flashlight) back and forth. This way you can actually see inside the drum relatively well (through the holes in the drum). I could clearly see the wire that I then later removed.

  13. Denise says : Reply

    How do i remove coins from my vario perfect series 4 they are stuck between the drum.

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