How to repalce a fridge freezer Thermostat on Hotpoint Indesit

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Replacing a thermostat on a fridge freezer

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Instructions for fitting and replacing a fridge freezer thermostat

  1. Unplug your refrigerator from the wall outlet.
  2. Locate the thermostat for your refrigerator.  Take light cover off
  3. Remove the protective panel covering the thermostat by loosening the screws or releasing the retaining clips with a screwdriver.
  4. Take photo of the wiring before you start or write it down, Pull thermostat wires off then loosen the mounting nut or clip holding the thermostat in place, and slide it out of the evaporator tube.
  5. Secure the new thermostat to the evaporator tube, then attach the wires to the terminals. Replace the panel cover and plug in the refrigerator. Adjust the temperature dial within the fridge to test the operation of the new thermostat.




3 Responses to “How to repalce a fridge freezer Thermostat on Hotpoint Indesit”

  1. Hadleigh Hooper says : Reply

    was about to change the thermostat on my Servis (about 12 year old model) frost free fridge (no freezer compartment type) I had noted the position of 3 existing wires Brown red & black on the spade fittings and simple replacement should have been no problemo. The replacement has a different configuration for the spades and has numbers 6, 4 & 3 I do not wish to do a trial and error wiring in case I break the thermostat. Can you tell me which wire goes to what number?

  2. Bob Holder says : Reply

    I have a Indesit fridge freezer Model BA13 which is over freezing in the fridge .I guess its the thermostat but can`t find where this is . I looked where the light is in the roof of the fridge but couldn`t see anything . Is that where it is ?

  3. Anthony Downs says : Reply

    Hi. We have an Indesit fridge in our mobile home that was freezing food and liquids. I removed the thermostat and took photo of the wiring and now can’t find the photo on my phone. Its the six pin thermostat from a fridge model IN-E 160 G. Can you offer any advice. Also do you have a salad draw for this model. Its the one with a quarter taken out to accommodate the motor. do have this item can you tell me a price. Found your video very educational but as mine us different model I wanted to check. The fridge has a freezer below it but they are seperate larder units.The thermostat sent as appropriate for this model was K59L1978 which we are told is a Genuine part. Thanks in advance for.your kind assistance.
    Tony Down’s.

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