How to replace a belt on a condenser tumble dryer Zanussi, Electrolux & Aeg

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How to replace a belt on a condenser tumble dryer Zanussi, Electrolux & Aeg


The first thing you will notice if your tumble dryer belt has snapped, is the dryer is making a motor noise but the drum is not turning or the dryer is not drying. If the drum in your dryer is no longer rotating the chances are that your drum-belt may have snapped, you end up with a warm, damp pile of clothes! take the lid of the appliance to check this. If the tumble dryer belt has snapped then follow this tumble dryer repair guide and watch the video tutorial.


Safety first! Unplug the machine from the electrical supply and make sure the machine has been idle long enough so that the heater has cooled down.

Remove the lid of the machine by undoing the 2 bolts at the back of the top panel normally 7 or 8mm.

You should now be able to see if the belt is broken or not.They normally fall to the bottom of the tumble dryer if it has snapped.

Remove the plastic vent guard cover at the back rear of the machine.

Now take of the heater guard undo the bolts securing the air-flow cover making sure to make notes of where the bolts come from as some are longer than others and designed to go into plastic parts of the appliance.

Remove cir-clip or sometimes called e-ring that hold the drum shaft on to the bearing housing. Then undo bolts or screws to take of the bearing housing.You now need to remove the bolts that hold the side panel and back plate Using a 7mm socket and wrench. You can separate the drum from the back panel to get the new tumble dryer belt on, also remove left hand side panel to access the motor.

Take care to support the panel (and the drum) as the screws are removed. A second pair of hands is useful here!

Remove the broken belt if not already done.

Taking care to support the drum, move the back panel away from the machine slightly so that you can get the belt around the drum and over the motor-shaft.

NOTE CAREFULLY how the belt needs to pass over the pulley-wheel, then under the motor-shaft! To create the tension needed.
Re-fit the back cover bearing support etc, taking care to line up the drum to the front drum supports


We hope this tutorial helped you get your tumble dryer working again!




Tumble Dryer Motor

Tumble Dryer Motor


Tumble Dryer Belt Pulley

Tumble Dryer Belt Pulley


Tumble Dryer Belt

Tumble Dryer Belt


Belt rotation over tumble dryer drum belt pulley

Belt rotation over tumble dryer drum belt pulley


Some of the models that this video is suitable for with 1975h7 belt or 1975h5, 1975h8.

  • Zanussi condenser tumble dryer

ZDC37100W, ZDC37200W, ZDC37201W, ZDC37202W, ZDC46130S, ZDC46130W, ZDC47100G, ZDC47100S, ZDC47100W, ZDC47200W, ZDC47201W, ZDC47203W, ZDC47204W, ZDC47209W, ZDC5350W, ZDC5355, ZDC5355W, ZDC5370W, ZDC5375W, ZDC67550W, ZDC67560W, ZDC68560W, ZDC77570W, ZDCB37209W, ZDCB47209W

  • Electrolux condenser tumble dryer

EDC1072LDW, EDC37100W, EDC46100W, EDC46130W, EDC47100W, EDC47105W, EDC47107W, EDC47130W, EDC502M, EDC503M, EDC504E, EDC504M, EDC505E, EDC506E, EDC509E, EDC510E, EDC5305, EDC5310, EDC5315, EDC5320, EDC5322, EDC5325, EDC5327, EDC5328, EDC5330, EDC5335, EDC5339, EDC5340, EDC5345, EDC5349, EDC5355, EDC5366, EDC5367, EDC5369, EDC5371, EDC5372, EDC5376, EDC5470, EDC550E, EDC66130W, EDC66150W, EDC66550W, EDC67130W, EDC67150W, EDC67550W, EDC67555W, EDC67558W TC5 7K, EDC67558W, EDC68555W, EDC68556W, EDC68558W, EDC77150W, EDC77550W, EDC77555W, EDC77557W, EDC77570W, EDC78550W, EDC78555W

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  1. jacqueline says : Reply

    Very, very helpful! However, I think I will have to get a professional to do this as I’ll be on a week trying to this! But thankyou anyway!

  2. veronica says : Reply

    thank you for your help but the drum is not aligning properly to the front of the machine so the back panel can’t be attached. Everything else is fine though, what do i have to do to make sure the drum does align properly?

  3. Sandra says : Reply

    I have done everything that you showed us only the side of my dryer doesn’t seem to come away I’ve tried allsorts but they seem to be some sort of white plastic tie grips that’s stopping it any help would be appreciated thank you

  4. Matt says : Reply

    Great video, belt changed, thanks for the help, saved plenty of money thanks

  5. Tim says : Reply

    I took you at your word and thought the instructions would be good for my AEG Protex T65270HC Product 91609605200 Condensing tumble drier. Too late! It was a completely different configuration ! Now got a bag of bits that used to be a Tumble Drier !

  6. anthony says : Reply

    Very interesting and helpful, as I need to check out the AEG 37400 which has an intermittent heater and this video has helped regarding the sort of things relating to disassembly.
    By the way, I don’t suppose you have a video for the AEG 37400 product 91609249801 by any chance ??
    kind regards

  7. Ghadia says : Reply

    Your video is perfect. I suggest you do videos for all the seals types. I struggled a bit with the drum due to the weight but my husband helped me with. That was very helpful video. Thank you

  8. Douglas says : Reply

    Can the pads that the drum rests on wear out and make it difficult to turn the drum by hand and by the motor?

  9. Clare says : Reply

    Hi, excellent instructions, I replaced & fitted the belt no problem, the drum was running smoothly, however when I replaced the side & plugged it in to turn it on, it beeps & makes a noise like it’s trying to start, and then nothing? Any ideas what could be wrong?

  10. Richard says : Reply

    Really useful – thank you £10 for a new belt and about 3 hours of my labour and we are back in business. Instructions are spot on!

  11. Dekanovic Ismet says : Reply

    Hi,video is great and I almost solved my problem,but I need to replace a wheel under the belt (black plastic wheel on motor).Model is Electrolux EDC 46130W.Please,Can you help me,where can I find that part of the mashine.?Thank you so much.

  12. Bob says : Reply

    This video has just saved me £300. Had ordered a new tumble dryer when old one stopped working. Then decided to dismantle it and try and fix after viewing this video. It was the belt. A new belt sorted the problem. New dryer order cancelled 😀

  13. Emma says : Reply

    Followed your video and got my machine fixed in just under 2 hours (I’m not a handy person).
    Under a tenner compared to £200+ for new machine
    thanks so much!!

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