How to replace a grill element on an Aeg or Electrolux cooker or oven.

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How to replace a grill element on an Aeg or Electrolux cooker or oven

This video is on How to replace a grill element on an Aeg or Electrolux cooker or oven.








Before you begin isolate the oven or cooker from the mains power and make sure that the power is off. Test the appliance when switched off (with a multi meter) so that you do not have any voltage as switches can sometimes be faulty. 

Sometimes you do not need to remove the appliance from the kitchen housing as the grill can come out from within the oven. But on a lot of cookers and ovens you will need to take the back of the cooker to access the screws that hold the grill in place see the video on this.

If you have a built in oven it will have to be removed from the housing in order replace the grill element. Many people think this as a daunting task thinking that it is hard to remove the oven from its housing but, in almost every case it is simple.

Most ovens are secured into the oven housing by way of either two or four mounting screws just inside the oven door; on the lip then you slide it out.

You will need to test the element when removed see other videos on this

If you have a free standing cooker then you will only have to remove the back when disconnected from the eclectic supply.

On both types of cooker or oven you will have to remove the backs on these to access the wiring and remove the nuts to take the grill element out.

You will need to remove the wiring on the element so for single grill elements this is not so important as there will only be a live, neutral and earth connection but on more complex elements with 4 or 5 terminals you need to put them back on correctly.

10 Responses to “How to replace a grill element on an Aeg or Electrolux cooker or oven.”

  1. I have replaced the element but the grill is still not working

  2. Xuan Phan says : Reply

    Hi Paul,

    I hope you can help me out on this:

    The grill element of my Electrolux oven EOB 31002X has two wires (outside & inside), similar to the one in your demo. When I select the grill program, only the inside wire turns red, the outside wire still remains black. If I’m not wrong, both wires in your video turn red, don’t they? So does this mean my grill element does not work properly?

    I hope to get your feedback soon!


  3. sunny says : Reply

    Now we are using Electric combine Steamer Zanussi oven
    Model: FCZ101EBA2 (238202)
    Multi-sensor food probe: 6 sensors, ½ ºC accuray
    0 – 300 °C
    But, we put sensor into meat centre, set up temperature, start equipment and after grill processing, it call bip bip bip, I open the door, take out meat and cut them. I still have blood.
    Can you pls help me to know what problem was happing? and how do it will be repaired? mnay thank.

  4. Steve says : Reply

    Great video. Suggestion, maybe use a 7mm ( or 8mm ?) hex nut spinner for those screws at the back of the element.
    My old element had 3 white wires, and 2 blue wires ( and the green earth ) connected to the back terminals.

    The new element ( replacement part 899 661 926 5029 ) for EOB 944W now has 4 spade terminals , but for the White wires the spade terminals are joined just as in your video. So just 2 spade terminals.

    So, I have the problem of fitting 3 white wires to 2 spade terminals.

  5. Charlotte says : Reply

    My cooker and grill isn’t working will this be a element?

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