How to replace a washing machine door seal on Hotpoint, Indesit, Ariston & Scholtes

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This video is on Hotpoint washing machine and can be used on Indesit, Ariston & Scholtes models.




How to replace a mouldy washing machine door seal or one that just has a hole in it.This video is on Hotpoint washing machine and can be used on Indesit, Ariston & Scholtes models.

To order your door seal you will need your full model number. (This is normally around the washing machine door frame on a sticker)






The Causes of Black Marks & Mildew or mould On Washing Machine Door Seal and how to stop this happening

The photograph that is shown in an extreme example is caused by a bacteriological build-up in your machine due to poor cleaning and damp environment over the days that the machine is not being used. It really is that simple and, all too often down to bad maintenance.


What happens is that new type of washing machines use less water to wash and are left for too long without performing a maintenance wash which will allow bacteria to build up in the washing machine which will grow very happily in the warm damp conditions which will eventually lead to what is shown here on the door seal or door rubber as some people call it.


Black mildew marks and mould on a washing machine door seal

Also using solely liquid detergents, liquid tablets, color only powders (or liquid) as well as most of the "alternative"products like Soap nuts, Eco-balls NOT contain any bleach and will not remove any bacteria effectively. Should you wish to use these alternative products you will also have to add bleach to prevent "greying" of your whites over time as well as other problems.

Whipping the door seal after each wash will help no end leaving the machine door slightly ajar when not in use also massively helps; this allows the seal to dry out and hinders the growth of bacteria inside the washing machine's drum as well as the door seal.

4 Responses to “How to replace a washing machine door seal on Hotpoint, Indesit, Ariston & Scholtes”

  1. Ian Mawhinney says : Reply

    Thanks. The video saved me a huge call out fee. It was just as you described it.

  2. Jo says : Reply

    Brilliant video. Helped me loads.

  3. Mike says : Reply

    Hi folks
    I have a Hotpoint washing machine – Aquarius WML540 P UK – 806112127
    It refused to complete a wash cycle and just clicked about a month ago but then started to work OK, yesterday it just clicked, with a load inside half washed and refused to start.
    The door refused to open, however, by pressing the start button and depressing the handle, the door opened. The machine now refuses to start and just clicks, I have watched your video and feel confident that I can remove the outer gasket and replace the door interlock mechanism but will this solve the problem?
    If it needs a new motor or control panel (or both) then a new washing machine is probably the answer.
    Thanks for the website and accompanying videos, I will subscribe and buy you a pint or two.

  4. Richard says : Reply

    Hi there Paul,
    I have watched your video:- Washer dryer not heating how to find the fault and replace the heater and water valve :-
    I have Hotpoint WD 420 Aquarius. I note the possible trickle valve problem (The blue one of the three on the manifold) but I can’t find a replacement part on your ebay site and on, I can’t find details of which terminals to check the valves for continuity.
    I would appreciate some help on this please.

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