How to replace Beko Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes

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Beko washing machine not spinning or turning This video will show you how to replace the carbons in the motor

If your Beko washing machine is not spinning or it is filling with water but the drum is not turning then it is a good chance that your Beko washing machine motor carbon brushes have worn out.
This video will show you how to replace Beko washing machine motor carbon brushes,  This guide is also good for the following makes of washing machine: Alpari, Ardem, Altus, Aya, Bravo,  Bluesky, Continental Edison, Carad, Far, Funix, Linetech, Listo, Proline, Saba, Selecline, Unic Line, Wellin & Westwood.


This video can be used on all these Beko Washing Machine models:
BEKO WM5100S - Ser.No.7148881100; Ser.No.7148881200, BEKO WM5100W, BEKO WM5120S, BEKO WM5120W, BEKO WM5121S, BEKO WM5121W, BEKO WM5140S, BEKO WM5140W, BEKO WM6103W, BEKO WM6120S, BEKO WM6123S, BEKO WM6123W, BEKO WM6133S, BEKO WM6133W, BEKO WM6143S, BEKO WM6143W, BEKO WM6167S, BEKO WM6167W, BEKO WM6355W, BEKO WMC61W, BEKO WMC62W, BEKO WMC64W

Why do carbon brushes fail?

The motor carbon brushes transfer the electricity from outside the motor to the spinning winding in the center of the motor. They undergo quite a lot of friction, and after a while wear out.
Carbon is used as it is a reasonable conductor, and is soft enough to wear down instead of wearing down the "commutator"(the ring the brushes press against).
If carbon brushes become too short, contact across the commutator is lost, and the motor won't be able to spin. Brushes often fail on the Spin Cycle first. They are designed to be replaceable in washing machine motors because of this.

Common symptoms for Beko washing machine worn carbon brushes:

  • Washing machine drum´s not turning;
  • Washing machine not turning during the wash cycle;
  • Washing machine not spinning;
  • Washing machine is filling with water but the drum is not turning.

To take out a motor on a Beko washing machine might sound scary, but it’s a surprisingly easy to replace and then fit the carbon brushes:

- First thing we need to do is disconnect the appliance from the power supply, and remove the screws in the back of the machine that hold the back panel.
- Then you need to remove the washing machine belt that is attached to the motor and drum pulley.
- You will now need to remove the bolts that attach the motor to the washing machine drum.
- Release the motor of the drum brackets or lugs, be careful it’s heavy.
- Next you need to remove the old carbon brushes and fit new ones according to the video instructions.

56 Responses to “How to replace Beko Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes”

  1. John sirkett says : Reply

    HI. The motor will not start or spin just moves 2 inches then stops. When I do a test mode sequence the motor rotates in both directions and spins ok. Do you think I have a P C B problem


  2. John sirkett says : Reply

    HI The motor will not start or spin just moves 2 inches then stops. when I do a test mode sequence the motor rotates in both directions and spins ok.Do you think I have a PCB problem.


  3. nick says : Reply

    Removed motor and checked brushes.
    Less than half worn.
    Wiring appears to be ok.
    Ran test with everything open and the square electrical board inside and to the side with a fuse wire is making a small buzz.

    Any ideas mate?

  4. David says : Reply

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for taking the time to make and publish your videos. They’re very helpful and informative.

    We have a Beko WM74155LW (UK spec). The machine has started tripping the electrical system when spinning. There are two noticeable indicators/symptoms of the fault; firstly there’s a clicking noise from the electric motor. This sounds like a lollipop stick in a bike wheel, and it gets faster as the engine speed increases. The other indicator/symptom is a burning smell which intensifies with speed until the point where the electricity is tripped.

    The machine will go through a wash cycle, but cuts-out when the spin speed increases. I’m a novice, but I could imagine that the clicking is related to the carbon brushes as the motor rotates. Not sure what the smell is.

    I’m going to keep going with my amateur diagnostics Paul, but would welcome any pointers that you might have.



  5. Janny says : Reply

    Dear all, this was helpful. The belt of drum removed. Watching this video helps me to fix it and my washing machine is back to work again


  6. Mo Khalifa says : Reply

    Hi there I need help I’m looking for Carbon Brushes for my washing machine model number A128QW BUSH THANK YOU

  7. Daron Thomas says : Reply

    My Beko wmb71231b washing machine will strt to fill up but drum will not turn at all if left on cycle will keep on draining and filling but won’t spin if u cld please help thank u

  8. Derek Hunt says : Reply


    We have a BEKO ECO WMB 81445 LW which failed yesterday.
    It was in a rinse mode at the time.
    It seems to do everything, except go round !
    We have drained it and removed the laundry.
    Turning the drum by hand it felt lumpy/bumpy. I have removed the rear cover and taken off the belt and the drum now feels fine, but turning the motor pulley by hand I can feel the same uneven resistance.
    I have checked and cleaned the drain filter which made no difference.
    Is this likely to be a brush issue, or something else ?
    The machine is about 4 – 5 years old
    Is there anything else I can check ?


  9. Kaie says : Reply

    Hi i have a beko wmb71442m washing machine . It has stopped spinning all together the belt and the carbon brushes have been changed and still it wont spin. The water works fine as it fills up and drains away . What could it possibly be ? Thanks

  10. suman says : Reply

    hi I got indent xwdm17452 . drum is not moving . can you tell me what problem could be?

  11. Darrin says : Reply

    Hi Paul – thanks for the video. It was very clear and well explained and I managed to repair our Beko washing machine by following your instructions without any dramas. Just donated a couple of beers to you – thanks again! Darrin

  12. Faisel Ahmed says : Reply

    Hi I’ve tried the test, machine spins to right then anti clockwise but it doesn’t go into full speed spin. I’ve trying to call but no answer! Can you help.

  13. Aileen mckelvie says : Reply

    How many bolts on the beko wm5140w model to get motor out machine xx i can only see two…

  14. Peter says : Reply

    Thank you – after watching this video, I had the confidence to replace the brushes on my my washing machine by myself!

  15. Hany says : Reply

    I have BEKO washing machine WMB 651441 L fault code 0419 what is that mean.

  16. Riz says : Reply

    I have a Beko WM5100W, it doesn’t rotate on normal wash cycle. I did a test mode check , it rotates anti clock but does not rotate clockwise. I have changed the carbon brushes but the problem persists. Can you guide with the issue.

  17. Kuldip Patel says : Reply

    Motor working but test mode no 4 speed mode dose not working. and program not working.inly half program done and after stop.

  18. Martyn says : Reply

    Great video, used it to fix my WM this morning (after parts arrived). Wouldn’t have had a clue where to start without it, so thank you!

  19. James says : Reply

    We’ve got a Beko WMB 51021W. A couple of days ago, when switched on lights came up indicating it was on then it tripped the mains supply. I took off the back panel and removed the connection to the motor and tried it again on mains supply. This time it came on and
    stayed on, indicating that the problem was associated with the motor. The problem is I’m not sure if the motor needs replacing or if this indicates wornout carbon brushes.
    Would like your advice.

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