How to replace Dishwasher pump Bosch, Siemens etc

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The drain pump on a dishwasher will always be located at the bottom of the machine, some can be accessed from the front as in this video, others you can removed from under the base of the dishwasher, But the first thing you need to do is drain the water from the inside using a bowl, I find that the top of a spray tin very useful to remove water from below the filter in the water well.

This video will help you remove the old Dishwasher pump and replace with a new one or to clean it

You will need to access the pump from the front of the machine on this model as the base does not come off, this video will show you how to replace the pump on all these make but can differ from model to model. Bosch, Siemens, Airlux, ATAG, Balay, Constructa, Gorenje, Imperial, Koenic, Kuppersbusch, Neff, Pelgrim, Pitsos, Thermador, Tecnik, Viva, V-Zug,

Error Codes for Bosch SMS/SH Series and Exxcel/Logixx Dishwashers:

Possible fault codes are E25, E24, these are drain error codes
Fault Code E20
Symptom: Electrical short or break.
Cause: Short or break causing incorrect resistance in winding of the circulation pump or the motor.
Fault Code E21
Symptom: Circulating pump blocked.
Cause: A blockage between the motor or the pump resulting in insufficient water flow.
Fault Code E23
Cause: As error code E20, but this time the electrical problem is with the drain pump.
Action: Replace drain pump if necessary.
Fault Code E24
Symptom: Dishwasher not draining properly.
Cause: Drain filters blocked.
Action: Clean the filters.
Go to: Why is My Bosch Dishwasher Not Draining?
Fault Code E25
Symptom: Dishwasher not draining properly.
Cause: Possibly blocked filters, as above. Otherwise this fault code could indicate a blocked drain pump.
Fault Code E26
Cause: Water switch/regulator problem.
Action: Check water switch and replace if required.
Fault Code E28
Cause: Fault detected with turbidity sensor.
Symptom: Dishes not getting clean. Dirty water in the tub.
To remove the Dishwasher pump see video and follow these steps

  • 1st you will need to drain down the dishwasher.
  • 2nd You will need to remove the lid and the side panels.
  • 3rd Remove the kick strip.
  • 4th Behind the kick strip you will find an access plate this can be removed by undoing the screws and prizing the plate up slightly on either side.
  • 5th Remove any of the wiring that might get in the way of you undoing the dishwasher pump.
  • 6th This pump is held in place with a bayonet fixing. We just need to depress this clip and twist the pump clockwise on this model (on other models the pump needs to be rotated anti clockwise to release it)
  • 7th When the pump comes out you can remove the wiring from it.
    Now you can inspect the pump to see if there are fibers wrapped around it. You can now test the pump with a multi-meter remember the pump in this dishwasher is 54V and is not 240v so don’t try and live test it.

58 Responses to “How to replace Dishwasher pump Bosch, Siemens etc”

  1. Stephen Abraham says : Reply

    BLESS YOU! Couldn’t find help anywhere and then found your guide. Can’t tell you how grateful I am. A rubber band and string were all wrapped around the drain pump so cleaned it all up and fingers crossed we don’t need a new one – but if we do I now know how to replace it.

  2. Andreas says : Reply

    Hi Paul,

    the drain pump of my Neff dishwasher was replaced appr. one year ago. It was noisy and error E25 appeared often.
    Now its noisy again. After start of the program the drain pump is running appr. 10 to 15 minutes (w/o shutting off when I open the door). Then pump stops and the dishwaters operates w/o abnormality. Do you have an idea what I have to exchange or check beside the pump?

  3. Neil says : Reply

    Thanks Paul had string rapped round drain pump as well and didn’t know how to take pump out ur a star and saved us money just before Christmas happy days

  4. Lieven says : Reply

    A big Thank you from Belgium found elastic band wrapped around the axle.
    You saved our New Years dinner!!!

  5. Tony boulton says : Reply

    Hi Paul. I have a Bosch dishwasher displaying an e20 error msg. I looked online and thought it was the drain pump. I saw you tutorial, ordered the pump and changed it over. Turns out it wasn’t the problem. Other option seems to be the main motor. Do you have a tutorial for this one or is it time to throw away the dishwasher? It’s only 4 years old

  6. Joe says : Reply

    Thanks for helping me to resolve my E24 and E25 errors. Had to remove the pump and never could have done it without your video — even though I have a technical background! Brilliant video and you helped a guy in Australia and made his wife really happy!

  7. Marga Noz says : Reply

    Hi Paul,

    Did not know how to take out the pump. Thanks to you i succeed!
    I only had to take of front and metal cover at bottom and a piece of drain pipe.
    Then i could take out the pump.
    There was an elastic stuck around the shaft of the pump!
    Took it out and it works fine again.

    Thank you very much! You really helped me!

  8. Shaun Bird says : Reply

    Hi Paul video is a fantastic help,but I have gone from having a E25 code to now having a E23 code. I have the machine stripped currently and I have re set the electrics but when I press the start button, I hear it click down to the bottom right of the machine two or three times and it brings up E23. do you think it is likely to be the pump or any other suggestions? Were can I get a pump and how quick ? Thanks again for your help !

  9. Mario says : Reply

    Good morning I have a Bosh dishwasher model SHX4ATF5UC/12 the display show E25,I change the pump , now is running after 5 minutes working stop and show the display E25 again and check the filter and pump is free ( not block any thing from impeller the power is caming to pump and drain).Start new cicle running and stop again show E25.please it will need change the control board?

  10. Stu says : Reply

    Hi Paul
    Just watched and followed your excellent video on replacing the pump in a Bosch dishwasher. Our dishwasher tripped the earth leakage breaker overnight and after getting into the machine I found water in the bottom . I have drained this all out (not a huge amount) and the machine runs the pre rinse cycle with no problem . I have yet to try a full cycle with water heating as I am wondering if the earth leakage was tripped by a faulty heater. As yet I cannot find the small leak so my question to you is where in your experience do these bosch machines usually develop a small leak and what strategy would you employ to track it down ?
    my model number is SMS69L22GB
    I have already bought a beer for you and another is coming if you can help me further.
    Thanks very much indeed

  11. Stu says : Reply

    OOps sorry Paul Just realised I should be directing my question to your email site

  12. Marti says : Reply

    Hi, Bosch silver edition dishwasher. Switch machine on and hear the water filling, but cycle will not start and I can hear a buzzing from the machine. Can reset it to drain the waster without a problem, but cannot get it to start a cycle, other than initial water fill. Any ideas.??? Thanks 🙏

  13. Tony L. says : Reply

    Thank you very much from Brooklyn, NY. I have the smaller 18″ Bosch dishwasher (SPE5ES55UC), so you don’t have to take off the sides or the top, just the front casing and the plates below. I watched both videos and first found a chunk of glass by the pump and removed it, but it still didn’t work, so I replaced the pump. This is the first time I’ve fixed an appliance myself. Great video! You saved me hundreds of dollars, so enjoy the round of beers on me!

  14. timo mäkelä says : Reply

    Kun laitan tiskikoneen käyntiin,hetken päästä tulee koodi E24.Suodatin on puhdistettu,mutta sinne suodatinkupin pohjalle jää hiukan vettä,sen veden kun imen pois niin sain koneen käymään normaalisti.Koitin,että pumpun siipi pyörii hyvin,missä vika,voisitko neuvoa,KIITOS!?? Koneen merkki ja N:ro on:Siemens SN45M200SK/14.

  15. Richard Davis says : Reply

    I have a Bosch dishwasher model shy66co5uc/14 and I think the drain pump is not working but not sure I am not seeing any blockage going on. There is water sitting on the bottom, it is giving me no error codes so not totally sure whats going on.
    Thanks in advance,

  16. Peter says : Reply

    I had been getting E24 errors on my Siemens dishwasher – had checked hose was clear and pump was emptying OK. After some research I found reports where similar issues had been cured by replacing the non return valve fitted in the drain pump outlet so decided to try this.
    The valve cost just under £20 from Siemens but I needed to work out how to fit it (all I could find was the exploded parts diagram)!
    It would not have been possible without your video.
    Ultimately it was not too difficult to get to the pump area following the steps shown and to remove the drain pipe / fit the new valve. It was not broken but probably ‘relaxed’ a little.
    It has now run a number of times fault free so seems to have fixed the problem. It appears that if a relatively small amount of water drains back into the dishwasher filter area before the the program starts it will fail after a minute or so even though it is pumped out straight away.
    If anyone has a similar issue I would suggest giving this a try.

  17. Paul Baxter says : Reply

    Hello Paul,
    We have a Bosch lifestyle dishwasher #sms63mo8au showing E24 error. I’ve checked the hoses,filter and pump cover. Removed the pump,removed small pieces of lint from around impeller shaft. Ohms test was 90 ohms between any two terminals. Installed pump and ran pre rinse 15 min cycle,all running good,no water left at cycle end in washing machine although plastic tank on the side was
    full. Then ran 45 min quick wash and error happened during the cycle about half way through.
    Any suggestions as to what I should look for now.

  18. Frans H. says : Reply

    Hi Paul,
    I have the same question as Shawn Bird on the 15th of October 2017. Can I read the answer you gave him?

  19. Javeria says : Reply

    Hi, video is very helpful. Many thanks for uploading it.
    I have same dishwasher as in video. My dishwasher was not draining so followed your video, cleaned parts and changed pump but still its not draining water, cycle goes smoothly but when it comes to drain , machine stops.
    When i restart small amount drains then again it stops.
    Looking forward to your reply
    Thanks …..

  20. Steve says : Reply

    Hi, I have a siemens dishwasher , error code e02 the water is not heating ??

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