How to replace & fit a Samsung washing machine door seal gasket

by / Thursday, 10 March 2022 / Published in Door Seals & Gaskets, Washing machines

This video will show you How to replace and fit a Samsung washing machine door seal, a replacement door seal gasket is not an expensive part on all Samsung Series 5 ecobubble, QuickDrive, direct drive, digital inverter, there are genuine and cheaper pattern gaskets available.
It is recommended to run the calibration after the washing machine seal has been replaced and I recommend doing it every 6 months see another video on this.


The first technique is to actually remove the lid undo the screw that holds the seal to the drum this is called a retaining band. Then remove the outer clip or retaining band this is the one that holds it to the chassis then you will be able to remove the door seal and fit the new one you really need to have some knowledge because fitting the new one this way will be quite difficult.

The second way is a little bit longer but it is very easy on your hands when fitting the new door seal the first thing you will do is remove the lid then you will remove the front panel according to the video. this will give you clear access to the two retaining bands which I was talking about in the previous technique I firmly recommend doing it this way although it will take you 10 to 15 minutes longer.

And if you really want to make life easy you could remove the 2 concrete blocks that obstruct the access to the door seal this will make life very easy on your fingers and also you will be able to fit the seal much better if you are an amateur. sometimes the shortest route is not always the easiest route. it is well worth watching the video to the end as you will see all the techniques that I normally use when replacing the seal especially when you need to line up. the drainage holes at the 6 o'clock position.

it is also worth doing a drum clean

Remove lid,facia and front panel

Remove seal and clean surface before fitting new one

Remove outer and inner bands on the seal

align drainage hole

Samsung washing machine clips have an oppsite thread!!

refit all panels

2 Responses to “How to replace & fit a Samsung washing machine door seal gasket”

  1. S.J. Sneede says : Reply

    Does Samsung private label for Bosch?

  2. Peter says : Reply

    Hi there,
    Just wanted to say that I’m an old fart and usually a stickler for getting instructions in writing rather than via video… But when I started to follow the written instructions I found, they didn’t work. That’s when I found your video. It was awesome. Exactly the right amount of perfect instruction to let me do the job right. Your tips about keeping screws separate (because they are different), and also about the inner seal screw working opposite to what you would normally expect were extremely helpful. (and none of this was covered in the written instructions I had previously found). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My machine now works perfectly. And also I feel great about having been able to make it all work thanks to you!

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