How to replace top grill & bottom/base oven element

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How to replace top grill & bottom oven element

This video will show you how to replace top grill & bottom oven element, we are working on a Whirlpool, but this tutorial is also good for ,Ikea, Kitchen Aid, Ignis, Bauknecht, Algor, Prima, Firenzi, Magnet and Ram Next Dimension.

There are two types of ovens: Fan assisted and convection. This tutorial is for a convection oven.

Here are the 3 main faults to look for in your oven or cooker :
- The oven is not heating at all;
- The oven is heating slowly;
- Or may be burning the food at the top but not cooking correctly at the bottom.

This generally means is that an element has gone faulty or both have gone faulty. To check this, watch our other videos on how to test elements bellow.

Replacing top grill & bottom oven elements

1. Disconnect the appliance from the electric supply!

disconnect the appliance from electricity supply

2. Remove the back of the oven in order to get to the elements.

Removing the back of the oven

3. Test elements for faults, see our video on this.

testing the grill element         testing bottom element

4. Always good practice to take notes of where the wires came from, take a photograph!

Taking pictures on wiring

5. Disconnect the wires from the elements

Removing grill element wiring         Removing wiring from bottom oven element

6. You now need to remove the element screws.

removing the grill element screws         removing bottom element screws

7. If the element is faulty replace it.

Faulty bottom element  Split grill element Inserting bottom oven element   Inserting the new oven grill element

8. Reassemble the cooker and test it.

Reassembling the cooker          Oven reaching temperature

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