How to replace your Cooker or Oven Bulbs or lamps.

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Using your oven light to check on food is a good idea to conserve energy as long as you keep the door glass clean. Opening the oven itself to check on your meal allows heat to escape. When the oven light suddenly doesn't work, you'll want to replace it using these simple instructions.


1. Make sure the bulb is actually blown you can check this with a test meter. Confirm the oven is plugged in and that a circuit breaker is not tripped.

2. Confirm that the oven is not on. Allow it to cool to room temperature if it has recently been used.

3. Look for the manual to determine what size bulb is required.

Most use a 40 watt appliance bulb.

If you cannot find the manual, then buy a bulb to replace it after you take out the old one.

You can see the size written on the bulb.

4. Open the door and use a flashlight to light the area where the bulb is located. Do not put weight on the door itself, but go in at an angle or sideways. You can take the oven door of if needed on most cookers see video on this.

5. Find the shield or cover over the bulb, some gently pull or twist it off and others are on a screw thread. Warning we would recommend that you use a glove or cloth as on occasions the glass has been known to shatter.

6. Gently remove either the wire clip or ring. Since the cover is most likely glass, be cautious. Unscrew the entire glass cover similar to a jar lid in older versions of ovens. Then repeat process if there is more than one bulb.

7. Then replace and refit the parts.


5 Responses to “How to replace your Cooker or Oven Bulbs or lamps.”

  1. Judy says : Reply

    Does the cover screw off clockwise or anti-clockwise. Having trouble shifting it!

  2. Joe Finn says : Reply

    I have had five oven bulbs fail since purchase of Neff built-in oven in August 2014. This seems excessive to me, any similar experience and solutions.

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