How to unblock a Fridge leaking water from inside.

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How to unblock a Fridge leaking water from inside.






This hole is situated at the bottom of the gully and lets the water from the evaporator run through a tube to a bowl on top of the compressor at the back when the unit goes into defrost.

To clean it out use a piece of bendy wire this will do fine, there is a pipe on the back that lets the water run down to the compressor, where it goes into a tray and the heat of the compressor evaporates the water into the atmosphere.

What is causes the blockage, can be many thing a small piece of fibber/paper which stuck to evaporator when it was freezing or a simple piece of food that feel into the gully.

Insert the wire and drag it out, you may need to do this several times to clear the blockage.

To test if it is clear, empty a small amount of water into the gully and see if it flows away. (Remember the water ends up in the Dissipater on top of the compressor, so don't overdo the testing or it will overflow).



4 Responses to “How to unblock a Fridge leaking water from inside.”

  1. Tim Godwin says : Reply

    Why does the drain pan overflow with water and not evaporate ?

  2. claudia says : Reply

    I have an electrolux santo 78743 KG. The freezer is warm at the top. There is ice at the very bottom.

    How do I know what it could be?

  3. Christ Kalafatis says : Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I have a refrigerator Bosch which stops working suddenly.
    I have missed its model etikette because is very old model (about 15 years).
    I am trying to find power supply Board but it is hidden. There is no any BOX with screws.
    At the top of door of cooler writes: BOSCH DUO SYSTEM and electronic buttons and
    behind: PENTAN.
    Please for your help if its possible.
    my email:

    Thanks a lot

  4. Ian Schwarz says : Reply

    I’ve got a 2nd hand aeg tall larder fridge
    S63300kdx0 : 925041729-01
    The touch panel has decided to stop working ie touching it doesn’t do anything and it’s defaulted to 5⁰. I purchased a replacement display pcb and fitted it last night with no difference.
    You guy’s got any ideas where I should be looking at next and/or how to fault find the issue so I spend again on something I don’t need.
    The fridge is cooling, the compressor is running, but it’s not getting colder than 5⁰. I’m currently trying to cold crash a beer fermenter with some Helles beer inside. When I purchased the fridge before Christmas it cooled to 2⁰ easy and everything worked.
    Would it be the stat? The main pcb? Or something else?
    Please help.
    Ian the Electrician

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