LG washing machine error code OE.

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LG washing machine error code OE.


Error code OE on The LG washing machines simply means the pump is blocked.

Presumably the water isn’t being emptied properly you might have something blocking the pump.

As with all error codes it is possible that there is a cause other than the exact description in the error code explanation but basically this error means as far as the washing machine is concerned it thinks the water isn't pumping out.

A pump, or filter blockage is the most common cause but it could be caused by other faults such as a faulty pump, or even a blockage in the drain hose near the sink waste or somewhere else in the system etc.

To order your washing machine Pump you will need your full model number (This is normally around the washing machine door frame on a sticker)




63 Responses to “LG washing machine error code OE.”

  1. Donna wills says : Reply

    I have an LG 8 F1481TD washing machine and the program dial is struggling to select the programs I use. It keeps flicking back n forth on left side programs.can this be fixed?

  2. Launda L. Sapp says : Reply

    I have an LG Washer model number WM2487HRM and have replaced the pump with a new one, I’m still getting the OE code and its not spinning the water out. The drain has been cleaned and checked. My particular model appears to have two pumps instead of one pump? Is this possible? I only replaced the one that was recommended, when I gave my model number.

    Thank you in advance,
    Launda Sapp

  3. john mcpeters says : Reply

    OE error. checked drain hoses. replaced drain mpump…still getting error code. top load LG WT1101CW

  4. saleem says : Reply

    As my automatic LG washing machine showing an error of OE and draining the water continously.pls suggest me the solution for this problem.thanks

  5. Sharon says : Reply

    My front loader doesn’t want to drain but if I switch it off for about an hour then try again it does drain, but only once, then I have to wait repeat the long procedure again.

  6. caybe dix says : Reply

    I have an LG wt1101wc top loading washer. OE error came on and washer would not drain. Checked for blockages and even replaced the drain pump. It is still showing a OE message. I’m lost as what to do next. Any help would be appreciated.

  7. Jessica M Howard says : Reply

    Ibought a pump but it reading oe to me ..

  8. Soran says : Reply

    in my washing machine have the problem and in the screen apear 0E ?
    I need help
    best regard

  9. Diane says : Reply

    Our LG Washing machine is not draining properly. We think the drain might be clogged
    so we would like to deal with that before we call repair for a pump. Please send instructions
    for clearing the drain. Thank you.

  10. Sam says : Reply

    Wat does oe mean

  11. FRANK A FEY says : Reply

    Thanks, clogged filter, was thinking about what type of washing machine to buy.

  12. MIchael says : Reply

    On my LG front load washing machine (Model #: WF350ANR/XAA 07) i have error code OE. I have checked my drain line, my pump filter and housing for obstructions but I still get the code oe. I recently replaced the Water level switch or pressure (p/n: DC96-01703B), which I read some where on the internet that that was the most common problem. Well that didnt fix anything so before I move onto the next item can I get some advice. My washing machine will wash through no problem on the short “quick wash” cycle. But when i select regular or any other setting within a few minutes i get the OE code and than have to start all over again. Can I please get some help?

    Thank you

    • Mrs Patricia Turner says : Reply

      My LGF1480QDS(1-9) front load washing machine keeps displaying the OE error message, yet I have cleaned the drain pump filter and drain plug and drain hose but still getting OE error message what can I do?

  13. ADAM D GIBSON says : Reply

    mine is a top load lg, checked the drain hose, impeller, no filter on my model, and then checked the fill valve (if you unplug the machine when it is filling and the water does not stop, it is the fill valve) turned out is was bad, ordered the part on amazon for 32.00 took 10 minutes to replace, and it fixed my problem.

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