LG washing machine error code OE.

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LG washing machine error code OE.


Error code OE on The LG washing machines simply means the pump is blocked.

Presumably the water isn’t being emptied properly you might have something blocking the pump.

As with all error codes it is possible that there is a cause other than the exact description in the error code explanation but basically this error means as far as the washing machine is concerned it thinks the water isn't pumping out.

A pump, or filter blockage is the most common cause but it could be caused by other faults such as a faulty pump, or even a blockage in the drain hose near the sink waste or somewhere else in the system etc.

To order your washing machine Pump you will need your full model number (This is normally around the washing machine door frame on a sticker)




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  1. How To Fix Lg Error Washing Machine in Windows says : Reply

    […] LG washing machine error code OE. – How to Repair – In this video we will show you how to replace a LG washing machine pump. […]

  2. Paul says : Reply

    Washer will not drain. Check and clear filter. No results.

    • check pipes and waste fitting for blockages

    • JAMES says : Reply

      The supplied hose is VERY long. My problem was the hose opening resting on the bottom (or bend) in the drain line. I secured the hose up with the end a few inches from the bottom of the bend and have had NO problem since.

    • joe says : Reply

      Sorry Matag man and $100 per hr repair guys, lol

    • Kurt Hill says : Reply

      Before you guys go replacing Parts if the front filter does not fix your problem and there are no Kinks or clogs in your lines then take the motor out of the machine remove the motor from the housing and then pry the impeller out of the housing and clean the impeller the shaft and where it’s seats in the housing. Wash it all out really good blow it out with strong compressed air and grease lightly and reassemble. I fought my machine for months till I dug into the impeller. No point replacing the motor….there’s no moving Parts to it! My motor was pretty warm when I took it apart so I know it was getting current. It’s the impeller that’s the problem. If you can’t turn your impeller freely the motor will not be able to spin it! My repair cost me absolutely zero dollars and about an hour and a half of Labor

  3. carey cappa says : Reply

    tried spinning tub manually as fixed before, but not fixing it this time. Do not understand why it is not repairing the problem this time.

  4. John says : Reply

    I have a similar issue which has cropped up in the past week. If the washer is loaded and set to run and I leave and come back later, I have an OE error and the tub has lots of water in it (front-load model).

    If I turn the machine off and then on and do a Rinse and Spin, the tub has a bit more water added, then the washer does a rinse cycle and fully empties the tub, then spins. This does not seem to be a drain error OR a pump problem (I have checked the outlets and filter and they are essentially clean).

    What could cause this rendition of this issue?

    • Gena says : Reply

      How did you resolve your issue? Did you have to replace the pump? OE just started occurring for me today.

      • John says : Reply

        Hi, sorry, I did not know there was activity on my question!

        Ultimately I had to have the pump replaced, and then a few months later the bearings on the wash tub went, so I bought a newer LG model. It hurt, but it was on sale for $600 and replacing the drum and bearings in the old one was going to cost the same, so…

        I have to say, though, that with two adopted and three foster kids plus two adults it is a miracle that the original one lasted for eight years.

        • Gena says : Reply

          No worries! I had LG replace the pump. The whole visit was $200 including parts. Everything was fine.. Then, 3 weeks later, I had a power surge that knocked out a few boards. They came back and didn’t charge me for the second visit or parts since it may have been related. My machine is going strong with at least 1 wash per day since 2009.
          If I saw one on sale for $600, I’d jump on that. The closest I came was a scratch/ dent one for $1100.

          That’s a lot of kids. 🙂

          • John says :


            Gena, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you win. 8^) Or, as I usually say, sometimes I’m the windshield and sometimes I’m the bug.

            Just dumb luck I went to the Lowe’s web page the day I got the news and they were having a 25% off sale.

            Tips which I follow rigorously now –

            * wipe washer door and gasket well, and leave door open to prevent mold and small leaks caused by grim buildup.

            * Empty the lint trap every two weeks.

            * Use generally NO MORE THAN 1 tsp POWDERED detergent.

            * Do a ‘tub clean’ about once a month.

            Good Luck with everything!


      • JAMES says : Reply

        The supplied hose is VERY long. My problem was the hose opening resting on the bottom (or bend) in the drain line. I secured the hose up with the end a few inches from the bottom of the bend and have had NO problem since.

    • Dave M says : Reply

      John, did you fix this problem? I have exactly the same problem.

    • Hi, did you ever find a solution for your washer? Mine is doing the exact same thing. And I cant understand why it could be a drain error when it rinses, spins and drains perfectly fine in the rinse spin cycle which is good but that cycle doesn’t really wash it just rinses with cold water. Plz let me know if you found a fix for your washer.

    • Mary says : Reply

      Mine does the same thing, but now is in constant OE code.

    • Renee says : Reply

      We have the same issue – were you able to find out what the issue was?

      • John says : Reply

        Renee, I had to have the pump replaced. See above.

      • JAMES says : Reply

        The supplied hose is VERY long. My problem was the hose opening resting on the bottom (or bend) in the drain line. I secured the hose up with the end a few inches from the bottom of the bend and have had NO problem since.

  5. Cary says : Reply

    If you have a new garbage desposal the plug might
    still be inside of it. Take the hose off garbage desposal and see if a screw driver is able to penatrate all the way into sink drain (you can feel
    long screw driver with hand. If not the plug is still in
    desposal. Knock plug out with screw driver then retrieve it in sink drain. Then connect drain hose back to disposal (one screw) and the unit will work.

  6. Prasanna Pieris says : Reply

    Your water level sensor hose might be separated from the sensor.Remove the top cover and Slide it back in to the sensor.

  7. Kylie says : Reply

    Emptied the mashines front filter and it hasn’t changed and there is a mechanical smell when i tried to spin cycle

    • Kylie says : Reply

      I ordered a rotor sensor from genuine appliance parts on the gold coast. Was about $40 delivered within a couple of days and fixed it myself by watching a youtube clip on how to do it. Has worked perfectly and that was a month ago.

  8. Abe says : Reply

    I had the same thing on my wt4970cw. None of the hoses were kinked or blocked. I called LG support and they walked me through their troubleshooting. Had me do the “smart diagnostics” over the phone and that didn’t work. They told me to unplug the machine, hold the power button for 5 seconds, plug it back in, do another load, and “it will be fixed”. They were wrong.

    So I opened the pump by moving the locking tab and twisting it clockwise. Found a small metal tag from a piece of clothing that was sitting where the impellers USED to be. It had ground the impellers completely off. I ordered a new pump for $60 and it works fine.

  9. Tim says : Reply

    I have the same problem, any resolution?

  10. Rather informative… look ahead to coming back

  11. Christian Brown says : Reply

    Here are instructions on how to clean your drain pipe

    • Stacy Echeverria says : Reply

      We had the same issue this morning; we kept re-starting the machine before I decided to Google the issue and found a resolution. It seems to be working now. Going forward we’ll make sure to drain any excess water and drain the pump filter as part of our routine maintenance. Thanks for sharing the link; it was so very helpful!

  12. Bill Jason says : Reply

    My lg front loading washer stoped pumping water out . Took pump out and motor does not spin freely it turns but acts like it is spring loaded. I was needing to know if the moter is supposed to spin free or spin like it has been spring loaded. Thanks a lot.

  13. Stacy Echeverria says : Reply

    We had the same issue this morning; we kept re-starting the machine before I decided to Google the issue and found a resolution. It seems to be working now. Going forward we’ll make sure to drain any excess water and drain the pump filter as part of our routine maintenance.

  14. Phil says : Reply

    Mine is a little different. It begins by pumping all the water out just fine, and then continues to try and pump out water. After a few minutes, the OE error comes up. Its LD 1204W. I’ve verified that the pump is working fine, and that pipe has no kinks, and is clear.

    I’m wondering what might cause the sensors to not believe the dishwasher is drained?

    • Macey says : Reply

      Hi Phil… mine does what yours does and we did replace the pump but still does the same thing. Wondering if you fixed yours?

      • Phil says : Reply

        HI Macey,

        No, it isn’t working yet. After some research, I believe there is a float value that rises and falls depending on whether there is water in the machine, and this is what it uses it determine if it has drained or not. After 90 seconds of running the drain pump, if the float value is still raised, it believes there is still water in the tub, and so comes up with the DE error. Sometimes water (or something else?) can get stuck in the housing around the float value, and so it never goes down.

        Unfortunately you have to all but fully dismantle the machine to get access to the float value. Its buried under the tub. I’ll see if I can get to it this weekend (or sometime soon), and let you know if I have any success.


  15. Christy says : Reply


    I have an LG top loading washer. Model #WT1101CW. It will not drain and I keep getting the OE error. The hoses are not blocked and I have replaced the drain pump. It it still not working. I don’t know what else to do. Please help!

    Thank you!

  16. Norm says : Reply

    Christy, you will need to have an LG technician to reset the motherboard electronics. They can quickly engage a combination of controls to complete this task. This sequence will never be shared with the consumer. It will cost $190 + tax. Ours did the same and I previously verified that the drain pump was working. They replaced it and said it was defective. We asked for documentation of the repair and they reluctantly said it would be available in a day or two. We recently had a major power outage in our neighbourhood so I think it affected the operation of our machine. I will plug it into a surge protector to minimize the risk in the future.

  17. Emily says : Reply

    I followed this YouTube video and found that there was a bobby pin in my pump! The entire fix took about 20 mins.
    Patting myself on the back.

  18. Sandra says : Reply

    I have an LG washer, the washer gets stuck on rinse, water will not drain all the way out. OE code now. Was OE then PE. The washer will say the remaining time for over 5 mins and wont change as it tries to drain at the begining of the rinse cycle.I cleaned filter drained washer 3 times now and have also restarted 3 times. I can hear pump sounds kinda different though.

  19. Greg says : Reply

    I have the WT1101CW and OE error. Cleaned hoses, replaced pump, Still got OE. Replaced the mother board with refurbished board, it worked ok for 2 loads, the OE error came back. All other functions work. Board has 6mo warranty. What could be causing board to fail?
    I’m ready to ditch the LG.

  20. Sanja says : Reply

    HI, I have been reading the solutions above and i cannot locate my pump. I am getting an OE error and i have pulled off the back and the front of my washing machine i cannot see anything further. Any assistance would be great



    • Reid says : Reply

      Sanja, the pump motor is located in the front behind the drain panel on the front bottom left of the washing machine. You have to remove the top and front panels to access it.

      I am having the same “OE” error on my LG front loading washing machine, model WM2487HRM. I watched several YouTube videos and replaced the drain motor. I checked it when I removed it and the old vanes “bumped” like the new one. This of course didn’t fix the problem. The drain hoses are fine because some washes work without the “OE” error. My machine was so loud spinning that we had to close the laundry door to be able to hear the TV. It started leaking from the motor and causing stains on the cloths. I ordered new bearings and seals. I cleaned all the parts and removed all the junk and yuck from inside the tub and the second drain motor and hoses and anything else I could find. I also replaced the hose from the tub to the drain motor because it felt like it was weak and might collapse when sucking water from the tub. The first wash went fine and I patted myself on the back for fixing not only the “OE” error but making it quieter as well. Second wash sucked the wind from my sail as the “OE” error returned…..two more times before the third time finally ran without error. I usually unplug the machine between “OE” errors to reset the electronics but it didn’t help. So I am back to troubleshooting. More to follow….if I ever get this fixed.

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