Noisy Tumble Dryer Replace back bearing on White Knight & some others 421309205591

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This will help your tumble dryer last for many years

If you have to Noisy Tumble Dryer on White Knight Tumble Dryer then the back bearing may need changing, this video can be used also on some models of Bosch, Caple, Crosslee, Electrolux, Kenwood, Tricity, Tricity Bendix, etc.

White Knight Crosslee Dryer Drum Bearing part number is in the search 421309205591

Changing your bearings can keep your tumble dryer running at peak efficiency

Safety first! Unplug the machine from the electrical supply and make sure the machine has been idle long enough so that the heater has cooled down.

Noisy Tumble Dryer Replace back bearing on White Knight & some others


To replace the bearings has never been this easy are using this video, you will get a full understanding of how the bearing assembly is put together. it is a good idea to always clean the inside of the machine while doing the work as this will keep your machine running for many years to come.

  • You will need to remove the lower panel which covers the vent hose,
  • Then you will need to remove the wiring from the back panel make sure you take some photographs as this will help you reassemble it.
  • After that, you will be able to remove the back panel and then extract the tumble dryer drum out of the machine,
  • You will then be able to rebuild the bearing assembly making sure to put some electrical insulation Grease on the tab.
  • I have also included a load of tumble dryer videos below to assist you in other repairs in the future.

Once a year vacuum the inside taking special care on the wiring, it is very important to clean all the vent tubes on a regular basis. Clean the heat exchanger (condenser dryers only)

We hope this tutorial helped you get your tumble dryer working again!


This is what came out of one machine i serviced potential fire hazard

You will be amazed at what you find

you should clean the filter every time

3 Responses to “Noisy Tumble Dryer Replace back bearing on White Knight & some others 421309205591”

  1. David says : Reply

    I have caple tdi 111 tumble dryer and need rear drum bearing part number 421309205591 can ypu help.

  2. Jim says : Reply

    This is an excellent how to but unfortunately a new bush bearing kit does not solve all problems on these dryers and many buy the bearing repair kits hoping they will work: The gas version is much sought after and probably still worth repairing? The poor plastic bearing bush design on all these dryers wears and the drum starts making creaking, cracking and clunking noises. A repair using a new bushing kit may be too late, because the aluminium spider retaining the bush can wear oval and over size causing the new bush to be a sloppy fit and rotate. In some cases, rivets holding the aluminium bush carrier can work loose and the drum will never run quiet and true. Symptoms of loose rivets are noises when the drum gets hot. The rivetted aluminium drum support is not available as a spare part. Some claim the drum itself can be cracked (or is it?). Unfortunately, and there are no longer any expensive new drums available.

    However, if the drum is still good, the bearing carrier assembly can be removed completely and modified to accept larger M6 HT cap bolts. The aluminium bush carrier can be reamed out to 22mm and a ptfe ‘top hat’ profile bush turned in a lathe and fitted. This should extend its life considerably. Increasing the size of the steel spigot to 12mm and machining the ptfe bush to fit is a further improvement.

  3. John Stock says : Reply

    I see complete spiders with bearing are available on eBay.. My spider is broken on white knight C86A7W tumble dryer. How do you replace the spider assembly? Is it possible to replace the rivets with bolts?

    Kind Regards John Stock

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