This video will show you how to stick your door glass back on with heat proof glue. Cooker door glass has come loose on the bracket or hinge. Fixing metal brackets, hinges and glass on oven doors has now become easy with the aid of high temperature silicone or sometimes called glue. It has excellent

How to Fit & Remove a Cooker Oven Door Cooker & Oven Door Parts   Removing the door from your oven isn’t as daunting of a task as it may seem. Whether you’re replacing the door, or just taking it off so that you can give it a good, deep clean, it’s a relatively simple

How to Replace your Cooker or Oven Door Hinges   Cooker & Oven Door Parts     This video will show you how to replace your cooker or oven hinges. This is a step by step procedure on the process, we will also show you the cheapest places to buy your cooker or oven hinges

Hinges found on most continental produced ovens and cookers.   Cooker and Oven Door Hinges     This video will show you different types of Cooker & oven Hinges with replacement instructions. Tensioning oven door hinge springs can be extremely dangerous; the person who is replacing the door hinges should be competent and mechanically minded.