White knight tumble dryer vibrating noise, not drying clothes quickly

How to find the fault with this noisy White knight tumble dryer Search and purchaseTumble dryer spares   check that this is the right one for your model   White knight tumble dryers are reasonably easy to work on,  if you don’t know how they work then it’s hard to find the fault. and if you don’t

How to replace vent hoses on White knight tumble dryers Search and purchase Tumble dryer hose’s White knight tumble dryers are reasonably easy to work on,  if you don’t know how they are put together and don’t have anybody to help you out and give you a few hints then this video will! they were made by

Electrolitic capacitor Sometimes intermittent problems or flashing lights on the control panel are caused by faulty capacitors. This Blomberg WAF7320A washing machine was powering of when the drum would start rotate and turn on again after a few moments only to repeat the same thing. Experience led us to suspect the capacitors on the printed circuit board

How to replace top grill & bottom oven element Cooker & Oven grill elements Cooker & Oven bas & bottom elements Cooker & Oven Lower Elements Cooker & Oven Lower Grill Elements   This video will show you how to replace top grill & bottom oven element, we are working on a Whirlpool, but this

How to enter test mode on Beko WM5101 & to repair faults and test errors Beko WM5100S & WM5100WBeko WM5100S & WM5100W Spare Parts         Important notice on Beko WM5101W Before entering test mode please be aware that you are not meant to leave the machine Unattended. There is a chance the

Whirlpool Washing Machine Won´t Spin F06, F06, F07, F09, F11, F19, F20, F22, Error Code Fault.   To order your carbon brushes for your washing machine, you will need the full model number of the ID Plate, which you can normally find on the inside of the door frame or in the rear of the

Why can’t you change the bearings in most washing machines any more!! Customer´s     Sealed Drums For Sale, Take a Look at what the manufacturers are charging for these. On some makes they are reasonably priced, but on others, they are a JOKE!!!   Hi All I have been doing repairs for 30 years and I

Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Fault Codes – FOO, FH, FA, FP, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12, F13, F14, F15, F16, F18, F20, F21, F22, FDL, FDU Whirlpool Washing Machine Spare Parts   This video will show you how to enter your Whirlpool Washing Machine into test mode and diagnose the fault codes

This video will show you How to replace and fit a new Door Seal gasket on Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Fisher & Paykel, Ignis, Ikea, Laden, Maytag, Neutral & Philips washing machines Whirlpool Washing Machine Door Seal   If your washing machine is leaking from the front of the door, or the door seal is torn, warped

How to Diagnose Faults on a cooker or oven that is built in   Built-in cooker spare parts     This cooker tutorial is on Built-in ovens and cookers and will help you find the fault with your appliance. the video will guide you through the common problems that occur on single ovens but can