How to Replace Tumble Dryer Belt Hotpoint, Indesit, Ariston, Creda, Proline, etc.   Tumble Dryer Belts           If your Hotpoint, Indesit, Ariston, Creda or Proline tumble dryer is not drying? If the drum in your dryer no longer rotates or turns, the chances are your drum-belt may have snapped or worn.

Tumble Dryer Seals & Gaskets   This link will take you to the other video on How to Replace Bearings and Drum Spindle in a Tumble Dryer.Part 2 This video will show you how to replace a front felt bearing on a tumble dryer, we will show dismantle the tumble dryer and replace the felt

This is a Two Part Video, so please see both videos for Full Tutorial. Click here to see video on Replacing a Tumble Dryer Motor Part 1 How To Fit A Tumble Dryer Motor (PART 2) On a Hotpoint, Creda, Indesit, Ariston Machine Tumble Dryer Motors   How to replace a tumble dryer motor. If

How to replace a tumble dryer motor capacitor. Tumble Dryer Motor Capacitors               If your tumble dryer is not turning or you can only hear a low humming noise with no drum action then it is probably your capacitor or motor. This video will show you a step by

This video is on a compact Zanussi but the testing and repair is very similar on most makes. Tumble Dryer Thermostats Your tumble dryer is not heating? Could Be One Of The Following: If you have a Tumble Dryer that is not heating up but the drum is turning ok, then the chances are the

Click Here for the first video on replacing the tumble dryer felt. Click here for the Part on this video C00095655 This video will show you how to replace the bearings and drum spindle in a tumble dryer. it can also be used on all these models: Ariston, Asko, Aspes, Bluesky, Bomann, Brandt, Brother, Clatronic,

This video will show you the basics of tumble dryer heater elements The heaters on tumble dryers differ from make to make and even model to model. They can be located in the front of the drum or at the rear of the cabinet, but they are all controlled by thermostats or thermistors that switch