Replacing a drum on a washing machine: Hotpoint Indesit Ariston Whirlpool

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Replacing a drum on a washing machine is not as complicated as you might think.
The big problem arises with the cost of the drums because manufacturers are constantly using sealed washing machine drums. You are unable to replace the bearings or the spider which is totally unfair on the consumer.

In this video, I show you how to replace a washing machine drum this video can be used on Hotpoint Indesit Ariston and whirlpool manufactured machines. The process is very similar on every type of machine with the exception of some machines that have front panels that come off which makes life a little bit easier.

The big trick is to find a drum that fits your machine at an affordable price. A lot of manufacturers will use the same drum in a range of machines,  using the model number of your washing machine you will be able to identify the part number for the drum.

when you have this you can look for second-hand washing machines with electrical faults that use the same drum as on your machine you can find a second-hand washing machine as little as £20 with faulty electrics but the drum is in good condition.

example in this video I am working on a Hotpoint WMFUG1063PUK the drum for this machine is part number C00286071

this drum fits all these machines

Ariston Washing machine, AQ113D 69 EU/A, AQ92F 29 (FR),

Hotpoint Washing machine, AQ103F 49 FR, AQ113D 69EH UK, FMG 1023B EU, WMFG 1053P UK, WMFUG1063PUK, WMUD 1043PX UK, WMUD 942X UK,

 Hotpoint-Ariston Washing machine, AQ102F 29 IT, AQ102F 49 FR, AQ102F 49H EU, AQ103D 49 EU/A, AQ103D 49 EU/B, AQ103D 49 FR, AQ103F 49 FR, AQ103F 69 EU, AQ103F 69C EU, AQ104D 49 EU/B, AQ104F 29 EU, AQ113D 69 EH/A, AQ113D 69 EU/A, AQ113D 69 FR, AQ83F 29 C EU, AQ83L 29 FR, AQ83L 49 FR, AQ92F 09 IT, AQ92F 29 FR, AQ92F 29 IT, AQ92F 29H IT, AQ92F 49 FR, AQ93D 29SC TK, AQ93D 49 EU/A, AQ93F 29 EU, AQ93F 29 FR, AQ93F 29 IT, AQ93F 29 TK, AQ93F 29X EU, AQ93F 29X TK, AQ93F 49 FR, AQ93F 69 EU, AQ93L 29 EU, EFMF 1023 EU, FMD 1043B FR, FMG 1023B EU, FMG 1043B FR, QVB 9129 SS CIS, WMD 1043BX EU, WMD 1044BX EU, WMD 923BX EU, WMG 1022B EU, WMG 1043B FR, WMG 1063BX FR, WMG 922X EU,

Indesit Washing machine,


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