Samsung Washing Machine TE & HE Error Code Heating Fault

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Samsung Washing Machine HE or TE Error Code Heating Fault

This tutorial will show you how to identify and replace a faulty heater element and Ntc sensor on Samsung washing machines hinted by the error code HE or TE.
Usually the error code HE is shown by the machine, when there is a problem with the heating element or the NTC sensor attached to it.
You can watch our other videos on how to test elements at the end of this guide.
In this case the fault was with the NTC sensor.

Samsung Washing Machine Element

Samsung Washing Machine Element WD0804W8E, WD8704RJD, WF0704W7S, WF0804X8E, WF106U4SAWQ, WF1114XBD, WF1802LSC, WF8702RSS, WF8804RPA

1. The machine will be displaying the error HE or TE. 
Before doing any work on the appliance, disconnect it from the electric supply!

he error code no heat fault-01-error TE on the display

Because the machine has timed out with one of the two failures we will have to drain the machine down, as the machine would already be filled with water and you're clothes are most probably stuck in the machine.

2. You will need to open the filter at the front, or the drain pipe if your machine has one.

he error code no heat fault-03-drain the water

3. Remove the lid.  unscrewing two screws on the back of the lid.

he error code no heat fault-02-undo the lid

4. There are two screws on the inside of the soap drawer, these are stainless steel screws so make sure they go back into the same holes. The idea of them being stainless steel is to prevent corrosion. On some models there may be another screw on the side of the panel.

he error code no heat fault-04-un do the drawer stainless screws

5. Undo the door lock and peel of the seal. The door seal has a little retaining band, which you need to take off and then the seal will peel off the front panel.

he error code no heat fault-05-unscrew door lock and remove door seal retaining band

6. We can now proceed to undo the three screws behind the control panel...

he error code no heat fault-06-remove the crews that hold the top of the face panel

7. ...and the other four at the bottom of the panel.

he error code no heat fault-07-remove the crews that hold the bottom of the face panel

8. The front panel should now easily come off the front of the machine.

he error code no heat fault-08-the front panel is now free and can be removed

9. Using a 10 mm socket or spanner you need to undo the nut all the way  to the very end of the threads but do not remove it. Then give it a tap towards the inside of the washing machine. This will relieve the pressure off the seal and allow you to remove the element.

he error code no heat fault-09-remove the element from the machine

10. We have other videos that show you how to test elements and NTC sensors (see videos at bottom of page),

he error code no heat fault-10-test the element for continuity

11. For the NTC sensor turn your meter to ohms, go across the two terminals, and put your finger on the actual NTC sensor part that goes into the machine. After a few seconds your body temperature will heat up the NTC sensor and you will see the reading start to drop. This will tell you that the sensor it's working, but we do not know if the sensor is working within its specification parameters. In our case the sensor was faulty and it's readings were wrong.

he error code no heat fault-11-test the ntc sensor

 12. The element itself slides back in underneath a retention bar. A good technique is to put a bit of fairy liquid detergent on the seal before inserting it back in. Make sure you align it with the retention bar, before slotting it in. If it does not go all the way, using a blunt screwdriver and  tap next to the bolt, not on it, and it should slide in. 

he error code no heat fault-12-element retaining bar

13. Fasten the bolt with the 10mm socket to secure the element and wire it back up.

he error code no heat fault-13-place the element back in the machine

14. Revert the rest of the process to reassemble your samsung machine. Remember to put the stainless steel screws in the soap draw. 

he error code no heat fault-14-use a flat screw driver to put the retaining band back in place


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  1. Louis Roux says : Reply

    I replaced the heater element but I still get the he1 error. What else can it be.

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