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Samsung Washing Machine Fault Codes & Washer Dryer Models

Samsung washing machines Fault codes and Errors. These codes are used on later models from about 2006 or so onwards.Washing machine and washer dryer models will displayed as a digital code, exactly as you will see below, in an LED or LCD panel or display on the front of the washing machine.Before you start any

Samsung washing machine error code 4E and E1 Fault Not filling in Allocated Time

Samsung Washing Machine 4E and E1 Fault Not filling in Allocated Time This tutorial will show you how to identify a filling fault on Samsung washing machines the error code are 4E and E1 on early models.   Samsung Washing Machine Parts Samsung washing machine Not filling in allocated time error code 4E and E1 Fault This

Washing machine will not fill with water.

This video will explain how the water intake system works on your washing machine Paul answers             This tutorial is for when a washing machine will not fill with water but works OK on spin. If your machine does not fill at the start or stops in mid cycle with

Error fault codes for Ariston, Hotpoint Indesit, Scholtes washing machines

Appearance of the control panel of the affected by error codes   Washing Machine Parts Technical Data on error codes and  faults Ariston, Hotpoint Indesit, Scholtes washing machines with these type of panels Indesit washing machine brands (WI ..), Ariston (QA .., .. AR, AV ..) hotpoint wm,wf etc and Scholtes whose facials are shown on

Washer dryer not heating up on Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit, New world and Scholtes washing machines

Washer dryer not heating up? Washer dryers that are not heating up on the drying side are a common fault. this video will show you how to find the fault or faults and repair the washing machine this tutorial is good on Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit, new world and Scholtes Front loading combination washer dryers

Washing machine fills with water when switched off

Hi Paul! our washing machine Hotpoint Aquarious WML730 very slowly fills with water without being actually switched on. Just went to use on return from holidays (after 3 weeks). The drum was full of water. Please help! Thank you CharlesCharles     Paul answers     Hi Charles   Washing machine water valves for sale

Bosch Dishwasher SMS69L09uk/15 intermittently not emptying

I Have a Bosch Dishwasher SMS69L09uk/15. It has intermittently not been filling or more so not emptying usual fault code e 25 and “check water” light on. At the moment on a short wash it will fill and empty. On long wash it stops before cycle has finished with “end” and e25 and “check water”