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How to replace a tumble dryer belt Hoover or Candy

How to replace a belt on Hoover or Candy tumble dryers Search and purchase Tumble dryer belts Removing facial panel to gain access to screw Remove screws a base Remove door undo all wiring that is in the way. Take phots Hoover and Candy tumble dryers are notoriously hard to work on, specially if you don’t know

Hoover Candy Tumble dryer drum not turning and belt ok faulty capacitor

Video showing how to replace the capacitor and test it   Tumble dryer capacitors. Search and purchase with size in Uf or model number This post shows you how to diagnose and repair a Hoover Candy tumble dryer with a faulty capacitor can be used on some Maytag, Helkama, Kelvinator, Otsein, Teka, Terzismo, Zerowatt Models. You will

Hoover Candy Tumble dryer all lights flashing error fault code

Hoover Candy Tumble dryer all lights flashing error fault code       Search and purchaseTumble dryer spares This video will explain how the error codes may be displayed on your Hoover or Candy tumble dryer and some Maytag, Helkama, Kelvinator, Otsein, Teka, Terzismo, Zerowatt models. We will explain what they might mean, there is

How to service a Hoover Candy condenser tumble dryers

Hoover Candy condenser tumble dryer servicing finding faults and diagnosing problems Diagnostic HelpHoover Candy Condenser tumble dryer Spare Parts Hoover Candy Condenser tumble dryer are relatively easy for most people to fix if they are reasonably competent in DIY and working with electrical products as they really are rather simple appliances This video can be

Hoover Candy tumble dryer empty water Indicator flashing, runs for a few seconds then stops

Tumble Dryer Float Switch This video shows you Hoover and Candy tumble dryers flashing the full water indicator light. This is most commonly caused exactly because the water container is full of water, so make sure to empty it every time you dry clothes on it. The other error that may cause this is possible the pressure

Candy GVS C9DCGB-80 condenser tumble dryer E22 error code the fault is it stops after a few secs

Stops whatever cycle after less than 30secs with E22 all lights flashing alarm. Have followed your videos and have continuity on safety thermostat but I don’t seem to have continuity on the other one, but I don’t seem to have a link cable. Tried continuity by taking off each wire but still nothing. Can’t find this part on spares websites.

Candy cdc266 uk tumble dryer parts and help videos plus wiring

Candy cdc266 uk wiring need pleasejohn     Paul answers   Candy cdc266 uk condensor tumble dryer Spare Parts   Hi john Candy cdc266 uk condensor tumble dryer here are the photos of the wiring to help you and there are a load of videos below to help you with the repairs model number Candy cdc266 uk

I need a heater element for my Candy goc58f-80

Candy goc58f-80 tumble dryer element Candy goc58f-80 condenser dryer Tumble dryer-has just stopped working. i have checked the thermostats and heater and one of the circuits is open can you tell me which element suits my model please Regards, Trevor     Paul answers   Candy goc58f-80 tumble dryer spare parts   Hi Trevor     this is

Candy Gov 580C Tumble dryer

Candy Gov 580C Tumble dryer-just stopped working. The belt is ok, however, it appears to be the control panel. I have taken it apart and when I put the control panel back together I do get it to turn temporarily. Could it need replacement control panel? If so how much do you charge? Regards, Jim