Temperature and wattage data logger on Samsung Frost Free Fridge freezer

by / Monday, 01 August 2016 / Published in Fridge & Freezer

Refrigeration test equipment temperature logger graph

Elitech ECS-16 Digital Temperature Controller

Fridge Freezer Digital Temperature Controllers and loggers 




This Graph shows what is happening in this fridge freezer before we do any work

As you can see in the graph this Samsung fridge freezer is not defrosting correctly we should be seeing a wattage of 250 minimum at the point of defrost, but the element is either not working or one of the sensors are faulty, in the next video we will show you how to find the fault and then the 3rd video we will show you the fridge freezer working correctly  (videos are below)

fridge freezer temperature & wattage logger graph showing fault




3 Responses to “Temperature and wattage data logger on Samsung Frost Free Fridge freezer”

  1. Anthony says : Reply

    How do I purchase the temperature and wattage data logger .

  2. danny says : Reply

    what device do you use to log this data? and where can i buy one of it? 🙂

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