The Best Tumble Dryers To Buy

These are the best value for money Tumble Dryers that you can buy in the UK market currently. We have lost The last British manufacture which was White Knight made by Crosslee Plc they closed late 2019 so you have to buy foreign at the moment.

Please note

Do not be fooled by manufacturers, nowadays they own lots of brands one company may own up to 10 brands but a lot of the parts inside are the same. Always check with the salesman when you buy a new Tumble Dryer which holding company owns it. Don't be frightened to ask questions it is the salesman job to know this information

Things to think about when buying a Tumble Dryer. The 1st choice you have to make is,  to choose between a vented, condenser, or heat pump Tumble Dryer.

Vented tumble dryers

Normally the easiest tumble dryer to repair when they go wrong and the cheapest in parts. keeping the tumble dryer clean and free of fluff buildup will prolong the life and reduce drying time and expense to run see our video on this

  • They heat the air and dry the clothes then expel the air through a vent tube
  • They're usually the cheapest tumble dryer to buy.
  • they normally are the fastest to dry clothes but normally use more energy.
  • They use a hose to pump out damp air, so you'll need to feed it through a window or install a vent in your wall.

Condenser tumble dryers

Easy to work on and not too expensive to repair

  • Normally a container collects the water but some models can pump out directly into the waste.
  • They do not dry as quickly as a vented dryer.
  • There's no need for a hose out of the window or a vent in the wall, so there's more choice in where it's installed.
  • you need to maintain them well as they will lose drying efficiency. see our video on this Its an old one but will show you the basics How a condenser tumble dryer works

Heat pump tumble dryers

These do save energy but the difference in price to a condensor dryer will take you years to recoup your money, my personal opinion I don't like them as I am seeing so many with gas problems. No enginers like working on them as you cant re-gas or change the compressor with outstripping the whole machine. The general public has no chance of fixing them as gas equipment is normally needed. there difficult to work on and hard to diagnose the problems. if your buying one anyway then go high end with a long warranty. be warned I don't want to say I told you so!!

  • Like condenser dryers, they don't need a vent or hose, and their energy-efficient heat pump technology makes them the cheapest type of tumble dryer to run.
  • Also like condenser dryers, the water tank will need emptying. They tend to be more expensive than the other types of tumble dryer, though prices are gradually coming down.

Gas tumble dryers

I also own a few laundries and they are the most energy-efficient but not many about for domestic use.

  • Much cheaper to run than electric dryers as they use gas rather than electricity
  • They need to be installed by a Gas Safe-registered engineer, which can be pricey. There are very few available in the UK,



Beko Tumble Dyers

If you are looking for cheap, these are not a bad machine. you pay for what you get. They are made in Turkey

  • parts are affordable but things like PCBs are not economic to replace but if the relays fail they can be done cheply.
  • easy to work on for simple faults.

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Whirlpool Hotpoint Indesit Tumble Dryers

Hotpoint, Creda, Jackson were British machines, Then they were bought by Indesit and are now owned by Whirpool. Most are made in Italy

Whirpool inherited the problems with the early machines with fire problems. Whirlpool brands consist of makes like Hotpoint, Ariston, Creda, Indesit,

in general, they are pretty good

  • affordable parts.
  • easy to work on.
  • PCB's have to be programed but are fairly reliable

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Bosch Neff Siemens Tumble Dryers

Bosch Group is one of the largest in the world there Tumble dryers.

Bosch own brands like Balay, Constructa, Crolls, Gaggenau, Laden, Lynx, Neff, Novamatic, Pitsos, Profilo, Schulthess, Siemens, Viva and thats just a few.

  • Well built.
  • Good to work on.
  • Parts are not cheap but there some patterns parts out there.

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