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Indesit, Creda, Ariston, Crusader, Export, Jackson and Proline This video will show you how to rebuild these tumble dryers


There are many faults that will cause your tumble dryer to become noisy.

Due to the way dryers are designed many tumble dryer noises can be difficult to fix because you may need to strip the entire dryer down to get to some parts.

This video that is made on a noisy Hotpoint tumble dryer but is also good to uses on all these makes Indesit, Creda, Ariston, Crusader, Export, Jackson and Proline.

If you have a metallic scraping noise then you need to deal with it straight away.

This sound usually means the metal drum is scraping on something as it revolves this is usually the bearing at the back of the tumble dryer or the front pads have worn away.

If ignored, serious wear can occur and damage to the drum shaft or front lip on the drum, as you can imagine, something metal constantly catching on something else will inevitably result in wear of one or both of the parts involved including the back part of the tumble dryer casing.

I've seen many simple faults ignored which could have been caught early and therefore been repaired cheaply.

The Indesit group which make these tumble dryers used to be terrible for scraping noises, and they made machines for all these manufactures Hotpoint, Creda, Ariston, Crusader, Export, Jackson and Proline and they brought out modifications to try and address the problem.

It’s hopefully resolved by now but there is still a lot of load put on the bearings by the stretch belt system. Some have flimsy casings which twist easily and have too little clearance between the revolving drum and the back panel and can make noise if the tumble dryer is not level.

Other tumble dryer noises like Squeaking, squealing grinding can be caused by motors fans or pulley wheels.

Some of these tumble dryers have tension pulleys which can wear or the bearing can dry out due to the tension pulleys (or jockey wheels) having strong springs to keep the wheel tensioned against the drive belt.

It is possible to strip them down and clean them some can be greased with high melting point grease if they aren’t too worn. I personally would replace them.

Unfortunately though these tension pulley wheels (or jockey wheels) are not usually accessible without stripping the dryer down though some dryers allow you to remove a side panel.

Tumble dryer motors can also become noisy. Sometimes the motor bearings dry out and start squealing or squeaking but you will only notice this when the belt is on as this will give tension on to the motor shaft therefore putting load on to the bearing.

Noisy tumble dryer bearing Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Ariston, Crusader, Export, Jackson, Proline,

Tumble dryer noisy back bearing

worn out tumble dryer bearings

Tumble dryer noisy front pads


tumble-dryer--worn bearing-shaft

11 Responses to “Tumble dryer noisy Hotpoint”

  1. Simon says : Reply

    Thanks for the advice. I had similar issues with my Indesit Tumble dryer (MODEL: IDV65UK) and managed to fix without opening as the bearing appeared to have worn. I documented my fix here if it helps anyone else:-


  2. chris says : Reply

    Any idea for a squeaking from a Zanussi t7102W. I’ve checked the rear bearing…its okay but lubed it anyway. checked the belt tensioner jockey wheel…also okay but lubed it anyway. Removed the two wheels that support the front of the drum and lubed the bearings. Motor is nearly new so should be okay. There is still a loud squeaking noise when it starts the short reverse spin cycle. The drum also squeaks when turned in reverse by hand. The machine has just had a new capacitor and new belt fitted and I have lubed all moving parts but can’t kill off this squeaking noise. Any assistance would be gratefully received. Thanks Chris

  3. Malcolm Richard Cummins says : Reply

    Thank you Paul,
    Hotpoint 9320/A best part of 30 years old.
    I realised that to take the top panel off the older machine some brute force had to be applied, it was held in place by 3 plastic spigots which spring fasteners held them. Gentle persasion with a light hammer made them slide out. after that it was very similar to your video except 4 screws holding the heating element to the front panel under the door cover around the door. refitting was simply a revesal of this method.

    Many thanks.

  4. Clive says : Reply

    I have a Hotpoint Aquarius cd00 tumble dryer. I have changed the tentioner pulley and half the noise has gone. I still have a noise which continues even when the drum stops ready to go back in the opposite direction. The noise is a sort of squealing?

  5. Cheri says : Reply

    Hi there.
    My tumble dryer makes a loud scrapping/grinding sound when on it would stop and start until yesterday it was louder and didn’t stop

  6. Dawn Jordan says : Reply

    Hi my tumble dryer ( Hotpoint) makes a loud screeching/grinding noise when on it stops and starts the noise. Belt has already been changed yesterday but noise is still there 😔Please help

  7. Angela Crame-Bates says : Reply

    Hi I have a hotpoint dryer and it’s making a noise when it’s no, any ideas? I can’t live without my dryer

  8. James Kerr says : Reply

    My dryer starts making nosie after 20 to 30 mins and when switched off to cool is ok for another 20 to 30 i have listened to it when it starts the noise and it seems as if it is from the pump area at the back the dryer is 2 years old at least could it be the pump needing replaced

  9. Nicola says : Reply

    My hotpoint dryer is making a squealing and whirring noise when it gets really hot, what could this be?

  10. Steven Rowell says : Reply

    hey there
    my hotpoint first edition has a loud screeching which at the moment is intermittent. its coming from a small white box on the bottom right of the machine seen from the back. two thin tubes black and white go into this. it sounds like i.e.fluff or something caught in a moving part? any ideas? thanks

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