Tumble dryer is not turning? How to find the fault and replace motor capacitor

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Tumble dryer is not turning? How to find the fault and replace motor capacitor

If your tumble dryer is not turning it is usually one of these three faults.This video will help you with all these makes of Tumble dryer Ariston, Electrolux, Ignis, Indesit, Neutral, Tricity Bendix, Whirlpool and White Knight that are struggling to turn? It’s likely to be a problem with the capictor or belt.

  • the belt may have snapped this is common especially if you over load them.
  • the motor may have failed. Not so common
  • the motor capacitor may have failed this is a simple fix and this video will show you how to replace the capacitor on the following makes of Tumble Dryers Ariston, Baumatic, Bosch, Caple, Cda, Cookers (Homark), Crosslee, Electrolux, Essentials (Waterline), Eurolec (Pabl), Homark, Howden, Hygena, Ignis, Indesit, Kenwood, Kompact (Pabl), Neutral, Philips, Philips Whirlpool, Sarena, Thorn, Tricity Bendix, Whirlpool, White Knight (Crosslee), White Westinghouse.

The manufactures above also make different types of tumble dryers which might have access to the motor in a different way you will have to see our other videos on this.

How to replace a tumble dryer motor capacitor.

If power is getting to the tumble dryer but all you can hear is a humming noise then the motor or drum could be physically jammed. A more common explanation though is a faulty motor capacitor. Many tumble dryer motors use a capacitor start and if the tumble dryer capacitor goes faulty it may not produce the big kick of electricity which is needed to jump start the motor. It’s also possible for the motor itself to be at fault, maybe it has start windings instead of a capacitor and what you think is a capacitor could be a suppressor filter. Do not mess with this fault if you don’t know about capacitors, they can carry a large electrical charge and can give a very nasty shock – even some time after the dryer has been unplugged! They always need to be discharged first.

A good way to test is push the tumble dryer’s drum by hand and quickly shut the door which has allowed the motor to run see video for this. This implicates the start capacitor if one is fitted. Basically I put the dryer on and when it hums open the door, spin the drum and close the door quickly. It’s difficult to do as you can’t get the drum to turn much as it has a lot of resistance. I do it a differnt way in the video so be very careful not to do this if you do not have any idea about electrics

If this general advice doesn't reveal anything simple you need to call in an engineer or friend who has electrical knowledge.

Common faults on Tumble Dryers:

1 The heating elements can fail (meaning open circuit)

2 There are cut-outs (T.O.C's) that might need resetting

3 The thermostats (stats) can trip out or burn out (meaning open circuit)

4 Modern tumble dryers also have sensors and pcb's (Printed circuit boards) these have programs that can fail and circuitry although most should produce an error code showing you were the fault is.

5 Faulty connections and burned wires may also be the fault.

WARNING: Capacitors can hold a electrical charge after the tumble dryer has been unplugged. Don’t mess with them unless you know what you are doing.




24 Responses to “Tumble dryer is not turning? How to find the fault and replace motor capacitor”

  1. mark willoughby says : Reply

    hi my timer has stopped working on my white knight tumble dryer…well it works but does not count down to zero…can you help please ?

  2. Luiz Ribeiro says : Reply

    A very good video. I was just considering a possible belt fault. I will also check the capacitor. Reds, Luiz

  3. Ray says : Reply

    I replaced the capacitor on my zanussi condenser dryer because the drum would only turn briefly and then the motor would start humming and then stop. After I replaced the capacitor the dryer worked for a full 60 minute cycle perfectly. However when I put on another dry it reverted back to the humming noise and the drum not turning?

  4. Natana says : Reply

    I have an electrolux dryer and everything works, except the engine is not getting power…I’ve changed the capacitor and still nothing. I also tryed to start the engine manually and is runing! What else can I do?

  5. Geoff says : Reply

    Hi, I have an indesit IS70C tumble dryer. The drum will not turn though I have had it turning intermittently. The belt is fine. I have replaced the capacitor – no success. I have checked the continuity on the windings of the motor – all ok. I am now beginning to suspect the timer switch. Is this the next thing to check, or should I be checking elsewhere? Thanks, Geoff.

  6. Dean says : Reply

    My indesit dryer dont spin it runs but dont spin how do I get to belt indesit model IDV75bk uk

  7. Caroline says : Reply

    My tm221w will not come on checked fuse and plug what can be wrong just stoped working

  8. On the White Knight you may find the motor bearings dried out through overheating and gathered fluff ‘wicking’ the lubricant away (also moisture cad condense in the bearing near the fan).
    Simple fix:
    Remove motor and fan impeller (very simple) then remove the debris/fluff, then squirt WD40 or similar into the bearings from either side (4 places) then apply Molyslip or similar for a lasting repair, or just ordinary engine oil.
    Free motor off and rotate/spin by hand, and leave an hour to soak in, then apply some more lubricant and replace motor and impeller.
    JOB DONE!!

  9. Samuel leslie says : Reply

    I have a White Knight eco 86a when we switch on the flame stays on for about 90 seconds then goes out but very thing else is working it’s driving me mad

  10. Marisa says : Reply

    HI. I have an IGNIS 110V dryer. The drum has stopped turning. However if you turn it on, you can still feel heat emanating, you hear the motor on and humming. I tried turning it and shutting the door (as you said it was quite difficult and my reflexes took a blow to the self esteem there) but once I gave it a spin and shut the door, it continued spinning… However if I tried that with clothes inside the drum – it does not work. Only while empty. Any ideas ??

  11. Buhle Maphosa says : Reply

    I have a white knight dryer. I replaced the capacitor but it’s still not working. Just the spinning noise and it’s getting extra hot at the back of the dryer. But no spinning or turning. I’m getting really frustrated. Please help

  12. Buhle Maphosa says : Reply

    Hie. I have knight white dryer. It stopped turning. I replaced the capacitor but it’s still not working. What should be the problem? Help

  13. Clare says : Reply

    Thanks so much for this! Worked a dream. New capacitor and the dryer is back in action.

  14. Roy says : Reply

    Hi Paul.
    We have a White Knight CL3a tumble dryer. The drum does not turn when the dryer is loaded, but if I shimmy the dryer, it will turn, or if I remove the top cover and gently push the dryer by hand it will start to spin.
    Based on what I saw on your video, do you think it is the capacitor?

    Thank you.

  15. Laura says : Reply

    Hi the pully has been replaced on my indesit drier but drum still not turning?

  16. Laura says : Reply

    Hi i have replaces a broken pully on my indesit drier, but the drum still is not turning?

  17. Elaine says : Reply

    Hi I had an Indesit dryer and it stopped heating but the drum was turning. I’ve now replaced the belt (which had snapped) heat is coming from it but now drum won’t turn can you advise me please on where I’ve went wrong thanks

  18. Philip says : Reply

    i have a very noisy white Knight gas tumble , i changed the triangle shape bearing and also the drum belt, didnt make any difference what so ever, i did notice that the three irremovable fixings in the rear of the drum sit in threee holes, one of these is a normal hole while the other two are elongated, this does not appear to be due to wear and tear, they appear to be manufactured holes, this i believe is the cause of the problem, any ideas please

  19. Ben says : Reply

    Indesit won’t spin but the belt feels quite loose could this possibly have slipped off of so how to I get to the motor thanks Ben

  20. Will says : Reply

    Hello, my Zanussi T/Dryer drum is not turning, any advice on it please.

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