Washer dryer not heating up on Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit, New world and Scholtes washing machines

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Washer dryer not heating up? Washer dryers that are not heating up on the drying side are a common fault. this video will show you how to find the fault or faults and repair the washing machine this tutorial is good on Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit, new world and Scholtes

Front loading combination washer dryers are vent-less and are called condenser dryers The washing machine heats the air via the dryer heater and a fan then forces hot air through the clothing into the outer drum where a condensation process cools the now hot moist air, this condenses the water vapour using a cool water feed to help condense the vapour. The water is then flushed out by the pump through the drain hose to the sink or through the plumbing lines.

These units are easy to install under cabinets, in closets or anywhere with electricity because of their lack of vents and are very common but are not as efficient as the vented dryers and will not normally dry the amount of clothing that you fit into wash. I suggest always drying small amounts as the air flows through the clothing better and dries them faster.

The parts that normally fail most often are in order of failure rate.

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7 Responses to “Washer dryer not heating up on Ariston, Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit, New world and Scholtes washing machines”

  1. TW says : Reply

    Excellent article, problem was the heating element in my WDD960 and this guide helped me through. I now have a functioning dryer. Bought you a round to say thanks as it saved me a callout charge

  2. Mr D Dickman says : Reply

    Our hotpoint WD680P Washer /dryer is not drying the clothes on either low heat or high heat …no fault light is beeping displayed..would appreciate a some info ..thanks

  3. Mr D Dickman says : Reply

    Above wrong word in the text ..beeping …should have read being displayed

  4. MW says : Reply

    Excellent guide, we have not been using the drying function on our Indent washer dryer for two years. Found the fault was the thermal cutout – One question though; is there anything I can do to prevent the thermal cutout blowing?
    Thanks for the guide!

  5. Keith Barraclough says : Reply

    My partner as a Booking A

    My partner as Hotpoint aquarius WD440 unfortunately the dryer as gone faulty won’t dry the clothes as no heat produced at all can you please advise what the problem could be
    ? Thanks Keith


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