Washing machine is constantly filling or filling when switched off

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This video will explain how the water intake system works on your washing machine

Paul answers

Paul answers








If your washing machine is constantly filling or filling when switched off then this is the right tutorial for you.
There are basically a few reasons why this can happen and I will explain them all and how to rectify them. We have included some videos to help you understand the fill system.



If water is going into washing machine when switched off. (Sometimes overnight)


  1.  A water valve is jammed open (usually because grit has got in the valve) on rare occasions there can be power going to the valve (usually a short circuit on the mother board) the water in the drum will be clean.
  2. The waste hose is connected to the sink unit and when you let the sink water go it back flows into the washing machine via the waste hose. the water in the drum will be dirty



( a customer once complained to me that the machine I sold him was full of bits of food. when I went to his house I found the he had connected the waste up to some plumbing from the waste compacter and when he used the compacter it was pushing the rubbish down the waste pipe into the washing machine, I could not stop laughing and he felt slightly embarrassed about his foolishness)


If the washing machine is constantly filling with water but drum never over fills


  1. This is normally the waste hose is to low and the appliance is either syphoning the water out or just flowing out the waste. See picture below for correct fitting.


waste hose is connected to the sink unit

washing machine waste hose connected to the sink unit wrongly. when water in the sink is let go it can flow down the waste into washing machine


washing machine water valve jammed open

washing machine water valve may be jammed open due to grit getting inside the valve or seals are worn


The pressure bowl is blocked

washing machine pressure bowl is blocked


pressure bowl

A twin pipe washing machine pressure bowl


washing machine pressure bowl and pipe

check for blokages and holes in the pipe pressure bowl and pipe


Check the drain hose is installed properly

During the wash cycle the washing machine is over filling or water is constantly going into the machine.

  1. The water valve may be jammed open. Sometimes by removing the soap dispenser drawer and carefully observing inside the soap dispenser you can clearly see water slowly dripping in, don’t do this straight after using it wait a while, you will also be able to tell which valve is at fault by the area in the draw that it is leaking.
  2. As the appliance goes into to rinse it starts filling, then does not stop. Syphoning is normally the problem here check the air gap is good on the waste and the pipe has not been pushed too far down waste standpipe/ stanchion. See picture below for correct fitting
  3. The pressure switch has failed. Rare but it happens.
  4. The pressure switch pipe that comes from the pressure bowl has a hole in it. This happens when the pipe wares against the drum chaffing the rubber.
  5. The pressure bowl is blocked this is normally with silt or washing detergent also check the pipe as they can block as well.
  6. On most commercial machines you have a sluice gate pump this can get jammed open with all sorts of things the most common is bra wires. If open it will still run but be costing you a fortune in water.
    I hope I have sorted out your problem with this article.


correctly fitted washing machine waste hose

3 Responses to “Washing machine is constantly filling or filling when switched off”

  1. sreedevi says : Reply

    Most worst message .pls say the remedy

  2. Deborah Buchta says : Reply

    I’m doing research for my husband who is a personal injury lawyer in California. I wonder if you’ve encountered issues with Whirlpool washers filling up and overflowing while they’re not in use. We have a legal case in which a Whirlpool warranty repairman came out several times over a couple of weeks to repair problems with the WTW7300DW Cabrio washer (purchased in 2015) not turning on; then not spinning or draining; then overflowing. The first repair required a new computer motherboard. The next time the repairman came to repair the problem of not spinning/draining, he tested it and determined he needed to order a new drain pump and control. Our client did not use the machine. About 3 hours after he left that same day, unbeknownst to our client, the machine began to fill itself with water and overflowed that night to the extent that it flooded our client’s residence causing her to slip and fall and seriously injure herself. The person who found our client discovered the washer overflow and turned off the water valves and unplugged the machine to stop the overflow.
    Several days later after the repairman returned and replaced the drain pump and control, the machine worked fine for a few washings and then began to overflow again. The repair service was never able to determine the problem and insisted the machine was working fine.
    I’ve seen articles about faulty water inlet valves causing overflows and flooding but am curious if you’ve had experience with this happening when the machine is not in use, and in particular any newer Whirlpool machines. Any input or articles related to this would be appreciated very much. If you have a fee for consulting services, please let me know.

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