Washing machine trips electric fuse board, Breaker or RCD

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This video will show you how to find an electrical fault in your washing machine. This video Can be used on any washing machine but was done on Bosch Neff or Siemens made washing machines and other Bosch manufactured machines.
it is important to understand what is not causing the problem before you go replacing components. follow the steps below to find the fault.



Common cause which may lead to your washer tripping the electrics

  1. The motor is one of the most common especially, there are two types of motor fitted to washing machines brushless and motors with carbon brushes, if the carbon brushes are worn out it can cause problems and on brushless, it may be the capacitor or motor circuit board.
  2. Faulty mains filters (also known as the interference suppressor) are fitted ware the mains cable comes into the washing machine.
  3. The heating element is also very common as it is submerged in water and can go to earth if damaged. Also, the wiring to the element may be damaged check all spade connectors are in good order
  4. The door lock can become faulty and burn out normally creating a direct short.

The pump and water valve are normally not an earth fault problem as they are encapsulated in plastic and very rarely go to earth.

The printed circuit board can burn out and create a short but you would visually be able to see this on most occasions,

it is also worth inspecting the wiring loom for any chaffing on wires, on many occasions I have seen the wiring damaged by the concrete blocks as the washing machine vibrates badly and catches the wires.

it is also possible that the socket that the appliance is plugged into can be faulty you really need to get an electrician to have a look at this if you suspect that it is a problem.

leaks on a washing machine can also cause electrical problems intermittently

Disconect washing machine and reset fuse board

Use your full model number to find the right pump for your washing machine

Bosch Neff, Siemens, Balay, Constructa model numbers or ERN numbers look like this

Search with the full model number, please


your full model number on most machines are inside the door or on the back

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