Washing machine welded drums why you can’t change the bearings

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Why can't you change the bearings in most washing machines any more!! 




Paul answers


Hi All

I have been doing repairs for 30 years and I think it is disgusting that the manufactures do this on a lot of washing machines , there is no saving on the way that they make the drums like this, and there is only a few bolts that saves them few pennies. We are meant to be caring about the environment but now most of the manufactures are doing these welded drums to build in obsolesce. Washing Machines should be able to be repaired, where possible affordably.
I would advise all our customers and viewers to make sure, when buying a new washing machine that they ask the sales man/woman (is the drum welded or can I change the drum bearings) and If not, find one that can be done. Avoid all manufactures that build machines like this as they are deliberately building them this way so that they only last so many cycles, and there for guarantee that the washing machine will only last so many years before you have to buy a new one.


 Even the people at Which? Magazine say this: To see their article click here

Which? magazine reliability expert Matt Stevens says: 'It’s madness that consumers are faced with repairs costing as much as a new machine. Manufacturers need to make machines that can be repaired cheaply and easily and need to share all of the information they hold about how to repair their machines with independent repair specialists.


Please will all readers of this article leave your opinion, however blunt, below including the make of the machine and Use the share button below to expose this information to friends and family.

 Just maybe one of the manufactures will listen to sense.

A welded Washing Machine Drum

welded drum

To replace this Starts at £140 to £400 Plus!!!


A Non Welded Washing Machine Drum

drum that splits with screws

To replace the bearings and seals start from £10 to about £50 Affordable!!


With smooth production like this, Why do the manufactures of all machines need to weld the drums?

Some things you can do with a washing machine drum when the bearings are gone.

1 they make great flower pots.
2 clothes line pole holder with wheels.
3 shop lights.
4 flood lights.
5 out side display lights with plants.
6 fire pits. to keep you warm.
7 Gas bbq racks with volcanic rock,
8 complete BBQ
9 log store.
10 Bar Table.
and my favorite small wind turbine

Some things you can do with a washing machine drum when the bearings are gone.

159 Responses to “Washing machine welded drums why you can’t change the bearings”

  1. Gaz J says : Reply

    Indesit washing machine bearing going.
    I thought I’d strip it down to replace the bearings, I was horrified to find a sealed drum. Bloody Indesit, trying to force the consumer into a corner of either risk buying a new drum and hope nothing else fails, or buying a new washing machine!. No, stop building sealed drums.
    I’m going to cut the bloody thing open and replace the bearings.
    I’ll be checking the next washing machine for a split drum next time.

  2. Maria Allan says : Reply

    Bought a Bosch WAB20066EE washing machine in mid 2016 for our holiday home, which we visit for about 10 weeks a year, so machine is lightly used. September 2019 started making noises with a lot of play in drum, stripped machine down to replace bearings. WELDED DRUM very poor show from BOSCH.

  3. Simon Crank says : Reply

    Indesit washing machine 14 months old and the bearing has failed.
    They want £120 for a repair and it’s a sealed drum so a full replacement is around £150,andna whole new machine is £229.
    Environmentally friendly my arse. Time to get the hacksaw out ;-(

  4. Charles E Nicholls says : Reply

    With a thin angle grinder disk it’s easy to cut through the seam, on my zanussi the lugs for bolts were still on the mold as was a channel for a gasket. To find new bearings buy a cheap vernier calliper on eBay to get the correct size and try a Google a bearing supplier such as 123bearings

  5. Terry Jones says : Reply

    I purchased a Hotpoint washing machine . One week after insurance ran out the main bearing started to make noise. Bloody hell I thought that has not lasted long. It cost 300 pounds. After a lot of swearing I set out to buy a set of £8.00 bearing , only to find the drum was welded! I had to buy a new washing mashine which came with a super offer of free parts for one year excluding the drum and bearings. Please note the free parts would be reclaimed parts! I wonder where the parts would come from? O yes when I purchased my new washing machine they kindly offered to take my old decrepit machine away for £15 . My machine with a faulty £8 bearing but full of super nearly new parts ! I told those robbers to sod off I will strip it down and sell the parts myself .

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