Washing machine will not fill with water.

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This video will explain how the water intake system works on your washing machine

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Paul answers







This tutorial is for when a washing machine will not fill with water but works OK on spin. If your machine does not fill at the start or stops in mid cycle with no water in the drum or it won’t rinse then there is normally a problem with the water intake system. If you've come to this article because your washer won’t do anything then you might want to look this article on door locks.


Most modern machines will normally tell you you’re have a filling problem with an error code, but not all people understand them as they are normally designed for engineers.

Common causes of a washing machine not taking in any water is either a kinked fill hose where the appliance has been pushed into place without thinking of trapping the pipe, or the water tap has becoming faulty whereby you switch it on but the valve inside doesn't turn. Another common cause is the tap getting accidentally switched off and people not realising. Other causes can be blocked water valve filter or wiring faults, PCB s or pressure system faults.
I have included other videos below to help you find your fault.

Washing machine filling problem error codes.

Most washing machines are now controlled by software programmes and produce error codes, if the machine does not fill in the designed time scale or if they don’t detect the right amount of water has been taken in. So you may be reading this because an error code indicated a filling fault. If so just try to work out why from this and the videos I have put below to help you.
Washing machine only fills on rinse cycle or specific point in wash cycle.
If this is happening I suggest you test the water valve solenoids with a test meter first. if you have a hot and cold fill machine (rare these days) then if one of the valves or the water supply to one of the hoses failed you would get the situation where water would go into the machine only on specific parts of the wash cycle. You also need to know if the valves are getting power which means checking them and the cables leading to the valves.

Testing water valves on a washing machine that wont fill

washing machine wont fill testing water valves

How the water valves and pressure switches work

washing machine will not fill with water how the water valves and pressur switch works

Faults to look out for.

Washing machine making a humming noise when trying to fill.
If your washing machine won’t take in any water at all, plus you can hear a humming noise (not normally present), check that both your taps are turned on, or that the water supply hasn’t been cut off in some way. A gentle humming from the back of the washing machine could be the water valves being energised and trying to take water in. This humming noise will normally be obscured by the sound of water rushing in. Don’t confuse any noise with the water pump which may also be humming as they are usually energised when the cycle first starts. This noise may also normally be partially masked by the sound of water rushing in. Before deciding the valves are humming but not letting water in make sure it’s definitely the valves humming you can also test them with a meter to make sure they have a power supply.
No water coming to the water valves.
If you have no water coming to the water valves this is normally the supply problem, it could be the tap or the mains water to the area in that room.
Check the filter in the back of the valves then can get clogged especially if you have old pipes or your mains water comes from a well system.
If your appliance is also filling over night without the power on then you may have a worn valve or there is grit in the water valve and prevent it shutting off properly resulting in possible flooding in the future
Water runs into the machine but never fills up in the drum.
If you can see water running into the machine but the water level never rises inside the drum it could be siphoning straight out down the drain, make sure you have the waste hose set correctly see picture

correctly fitted washing machine waste hose

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    Hello, we have a Bosch washer, WFMC3200UC, with low cold water intake flow. I changed out the intake valve but still has low cold water intake and still getting error code: E02. What would be my next step?
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