Flashing Lights & Error/Fault code

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An error code will be displayed on your washing machine or washer/dryer if the machine has a problem. Error codes will be displayed on your machine in one of two ways: Either on your digital display screen which will show an error code in a letter followed by two numbers format, Or washing machines without digital display it will show a series of flashing lights.

There are different ways that these are displayed so you will need to consult your manual on these or let us know your full model number with the fault sequence and we will try and help you.

These lights when flashing should be read in a binary fashion, these are the typical Hotpoint, Ariston, Indesit & Creda  error codes or fault codes for washing machines and dryers.

Now there may be some variances for older models, but there are 3 main types of board listed  so you need to know what you are looking for. This video is on How to Repair Washing Machine Flashing Lights.

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  1. Gerry says : Reply

    Hotpoimt HBC 2B19 x Dish washer. Flashing lights and won’t work. Only 6 months old.

  2. Mohammad says : Reply

    I have a washing machine which is Ariston AQXL 109 with the same fault in the video. I checked the connectors, one of the wire on the panel board is on the air. It seems that it was not conncted any where by the factory. I also checked the EPPROM board exactly like the video and the capacitor was defeacted. Athought I changed it, the fault and flashing all light is peresent yet.
    Could you help more? Any thing else to check?

  3. Rachel says : Reply

    my indesit washing machine keeps flashing lights switch it on and off but still flashing what should l do?

  4. stewart says : Reply

    i have an Indesit 6kg A class washer. After switching on machine it starts to fill with water then stops after about 15 seconds.No more water goes into the machine but the digital dial goes down in the time reading. H2O light was flashing originally and i have checked and confirmed water is available from the cold water feed.

  5. Eddie says : Reply

    Hi Paul – thanks very much for the video. I’m considering attempting the solutions as you highlighted on my Ariston WMG829 washing machine. Previously the machine wouldn’t turn on, but managed to turn on and do a full cycle wash before showing F01 error codes. The drum wouldn’t spin and all the lights will flash like your video described. I looked online and it appeared to be a triac short circuit, and the company technician said it’s “usually a PCB” problem. Do you reckon this is exactly the same problem as you have fixed in your video above? Thanks very much for your time and help!

  6. Steve says : Reply

    Hi, My Hotpoint Aquarius WML560P washing machine has its door lock flashing red and start/pause button turns from green to slow (continuous) flashing amber when hitting start. Not filling up with water or running program.
    I have checked the motor brushes which are fine and over 3CM. I have fitted a new and updated door interlock switch (complete), thinking that was the problem, and now after watching your video have removed the main circuit board to check the capacitors (all have flat caps & appear undamaged externally.
    1, 33uF 400v: tested 36.7uF, could get no reading on Ohmn test (in circuit)
    2, 330uF 25v: tested 106.6uF (and put low battery light on multimeter, so inconclusive result), could get no reading on Ohmn test (in circuit)
    3, 10uF 400v: tested 33.7uF, could get no reading on Ohmn test (in circuit)
    4, 470uF 25v: tested 106.9 (and put low battery light on multimeter, so inconclusive result), Got an initial reading on Ohmn test but would not repeat on further attempts!

    I have visually checked the circuit board, tracks and componants and found no obvious faults.
    Since this is now driving me nuts (and so looking forward to no more washing by hand), can I send the board to you for check / repair? Alternatively, if you think I should just replace all of the capacitors based on my findings, then I’m happy to do that. If you can supply them then so much the better (and there would need to be a beer or two in it for your trouble 🙂
    Many thanks for the work and advice you put up for free by the way.

  7. Paul Crudace says : Reply

    f15 fault code hotpoint wdpg9640uk look like heater relay do yo sell one and is it this that is causing the problem ???

  8. Sally Padgett says : Reply

    I have a hotpoint 6,5kg BHWD129
    Recently I was using it and it had come towards the end of the cycle and all the buttons starting flashing up yellow. .
    Also two of the middle side icons, doing the same . The ones showing the spin and sunshine icon .Which I believe is the dryer . (I don’t use the dryer) .
    I tried to switch the machine off but it would not turn off except if I turned it off at the mains
    When I turn it back on at the mains after FIVE minutes the yellow flashing buttons come back on flashing as before . Nothing can shmagenthem or stop them other than me turning it off at the mains , also the same thing happens when I switch back in. After five minutes they start flashing again, not straight away

  9. June Willatt says : Reply

    My hot point washer keeps flashing on the dials and has f 0 5 fault what could the fault be and also the door won’t open

  10. Mel Guillory says : Reply

    Hello. My washer flashes a “DOOR” error. Installed new door switch. Any help? Thanks

  11. ahlam says : Reply

    hi, miele w524 soak/prewash light flashing

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