Whirlpool washing machine not spinning or turning, How to replace the carbons in the motor

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Whirlpool Washing Machine Won´t Spin F06, F06, F07, F09, F11, F19, F20, F22, Error Code Fault.


To order your carbon brushes for your washing machine, you will need the full model number of the ID Plate, which you can normally find on the inside of the door frame or in the rear of the machine. 

Sometimes you will need the 12 digit number, which is usually prefixed with 12NC in front of it, on some parts you will need both of these numbers, it might not be listed on the website because it is serial number dependent. (see picture on the right)

If you can´t find the correct motor carbon brushes for your washing machine, Please contact us, and we will find it the for you!




If your Whirlpool washing machine is not spinning or it is filling with water but the drum is not turning, or is showing on the digital display error fault codes F06 or if the machine is showing any of these F07, F09, F11, F19, F20, F22, then it is a good chance that your Whirlpool washing machine motor carbon brushes have worn out.


If other Error Codes are showing, please see our other video guides on Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Fault Codes


12 digit number prefixed with 12NC on ID Plate

12 digit number prefixed with 12NC on ID Plate


This video will show you how to replace Whirlpool washing machine motor carbon brushes. This guide is also good for the following makes of washing machine: Bauknecht, Fisher & Paykel, Ignis, Ikea, Laden, Maytag, Neutral & Philips.

If your washing machine is showing on your digital display or LED display an error code F6, this means you have a motor tacho not detected or no motor action, you need to check these:

  • the motor tachometer
  • the wiring and connections to the motor and PCB
  • the motor carbon brushes

Why do carbon brushes fail?

The motor carbon brushes transfer the electricity from outside the motor to the spinning winding in the center of the motor. They undergo quite a lot of friction, and after a while wear out.
Carbon is used as it is a reasonable conductor, and is soft enough to wear down instead of wearing down the "commutator"(the ring the brushes press against).
If carbon brushes become too short, contact across the commutator is lost, and the motor won't be able to spin. Brushes often fail on the Spin Cycle first. They are designed to be replaceable in washing machine motors because of this.

Common symptoms for Whirlpool washing machine worn carbon brushes:

  • Washing machine drum´s not turning;
  • Washing machine not turning during the wash cycle;
  • Washing machine not spinning;
  • Washing machine is filling with water but the drum is not turning.

To take out a motor on a Whirlpool washing machine might sound scary, but it’s a surprisingly easy to replace and then fit the carbon brushes:

- First thing we need to do is disconnect the appliance from the power supply, and remove the screws in the back of the machine that hold the two back panels.
- Then you need to remove the washing machine belt that is attached to the motor and drum pulley.
- You will now need to remove the bolts that attach the motor to the washing machine drum.
- Release the motor of the drum brackets or lugs, be careful it’s heavy.
- Next you need to remove the old carbon brushes and fit new ones according to the video instructions.

This video can be used on all these Whirlpool Washing Machine models:

WHIRLPOOL AWM 274/1/WS-B Ser.No. 857003120001, WHIRLPOOL AWM 274/1/WS-B Ser.No. 857003120000, WHIRLPOOL AWM 248 Ser.No. 857024810000, WHIRLPOOL AWM 221 Ser.No. 857022115020, WHIRLPOOL AWM 219/1 Ser.No. 857021915030, WHIRLPOOL AWM 215/3 Ser.No. 857021520311, WHIRLPOOL AWM 215/3 Ser.No. 857021520310, WHIRLPOOL AWM 215/3 Ser.No. 857021520711, WHIRLPOOL AWM 215/2 Ser.No. 857021520300, WHIRLPOOL AWM 215/2 Ser.No. 857021520100, WHIRLPOOL AWM 215 Ser.No. 857021520000, WHIRLPOOL AWM 213/3 Ser.No. 857021301311, WHIRLPOOL AWM 213/3 Ser.No. 857021301310, WHIRLPOOL AWM 213 Ser.No. 857021301300, WHIRLPOOL AWM 213 Ser.No. 857021301000, WHIRLPOOL AWM 210 Ser.No. 857021029200, WHIRLPOOL AWM 209 Ser.No. 857020929100, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1400 NL/3 Ser.No. 857061412660, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1400 NL Ser.No. 857061412503, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1400 NL Ser.No. 857061412500, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1400 EX/3 Ser.No. 857061401600, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1400 EX Ser.No. 857061401500, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1400 EX Ser.No. 857061401503, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1310 Ser.No. 857061312930, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1300 Ser.No. 857061312900, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1300 Ser.No. 857061312903, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1200 NL/3 Ser.No. 857061212660, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1200 NL Ser.No. 857061212503, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1200 NL Ser.No. 857061212500, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1200 EX/3 Ser.No. 857061201600, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1200 EX Ser.No. 857061201500, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1200 EX Ser.No. 857061201503, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1000 EX/3 Ser.No. 857061001600, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1000 EX Ser.No. 857061001503, WHIRLPOOL AWM 1000 EX Ser.No. 857061001500, WHIRLPOOL AWM 028/WS-P,I,E Ser.No. 857002801000, WHIRLPOOL AWM 027/WS-D,A Ser.No. 857002703000, WHIRLPOOL AWM 022/WS-B Ser.No. 857002220000, WHIRLPOOL AWM 021/WS-B Ser.No. 857002120000, WHIRLPOOL AWM 020/WS-B Ser.No. 857002020000, WHIRLPOOL AWM 019/WS-B Ser.No. 857001920000, WHIRLPOOL AWM 011/3-D/A Ser.No. 857001103010, WHIRLPOOL AWM 010/3-D/A Ser.No. 857001003010, WHIRLPOOL AQUASENSE1600 Ser.No. 859209712000, WHIRLPOOL AQUASENSE1400 Ser.No. 859209612000, WHIRLPOOL AQUASENSE1400 Ser.No. 859209612008, WHIRLPOOL AQUASENSE1200 Ser.No. 859209512000, WHIRLPOOL AQUASENSE 1400 Ser.No. 859209612000, WHIRLPOOL AQUASENSE 1200 Ser.No. 859209512000, WHIRLPOOL AQUAFEEL1600 Ser.No. 859209712550, WHIRLPOOL AQUAFEEL1600 Ser.No. 859209712500, WHIRLPOOL AQUAFEEL1400 Ser.No. 859209612500, WHIRLPOOL AQUAFEEL1400 Ser.No. 859209612550, WHIRLPOOL AQUAFEEL1200 Ser.No. 859209512550, WHIRLPOOL AQUAFEEL1200 Ser.No. 859209512500, WHIRLPOOL AQUAFEEL 1400 Ser.No. 859209612550, WHIRLPOOL AQUAFEEL 1400 Ser.No. 859209612500, WHIRLPOOL AQUAFEEL 1200 Ser.No. 859209512550, WHIRLPOOL AQUAFEEL 1200 Ser.No. 859209512500, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY1400 Ser.No. 857051420600, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY1200A Ser.No. 857038172050, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY1200 Ser.No. 857038172010, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY1200 Ser.No. 857038172020, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY1000 Ser.No. 857038072521, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY1000 Ser.No. 857038072510, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY1000 Ser.No. 857038072511, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY 1400 Ser.No. 857051420600, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY 1200/A Ser.No. 857038172050, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY 1200 Ser.No. 857038172020, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY 1200 Ser.No. 857038172010, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY 1000 Ser.No. 857038072511, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY 1000 Ser.No. 857038072510, WHIRLPOOL ANNIVERSARY 1000 Ser.No. 857038072521, WHIRLPOOL AMAZONE1400 Ser.No. 857061412000, WHIRLPOOL AMAZONE1200 Ser.No. 857061212810, WHIRLPOOL AMAZONE 1400 Ser.No. 857061412000, WHIRLPOOL AMAZONE 1200 Ser.No. 857061212810, WHIRLPOOL A1200 Ser.No. 857038520010, WHIRLPOOL A1000 Ser.No. 857038420010, WHIRLPOOL A 1200 Ser.No. 857038520010, WHIRLPOOL A1000 Ser.No. 857038420010, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D049, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D4305 », Ser.No.859233115000, Ser.No.859233115005, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D4405, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D4505/S, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D4505 », Ser.No.859233215000, Ser.No.859233215002, Ser.No.859233215005, Ser.No.859233215200, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D4507, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D4605 », Ser.No.859233015600, Ser.No.859233015602, Ser.No.859233015605, Ser.No.859233315100, Ser.No.859233315102, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D4705 », Ser.No.859233315000, Ser.No.859233315002, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D4707, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D4708, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5306, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5316 », Ser.No.859247215100, Ser.No.859247215105, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5446, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5506 », Ser.No.859247315000, Ser.No.859247315001, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5516 », Ser.No.859247315150, Ser.No.859247315155, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5526, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5547 », Ser.No.859247515000, Ser.No.859247515100, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5556 », Ser.No.859235815000, Ser.No.859297115000, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5705 », Ser.No.859233015700, Ser.No.859233015702, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5706/S, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5706, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5716, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D5747, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D6507, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D6707 », Ser.No.859250615000, Ser.No.859250615002, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D7708, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D8708, WHIRLPOOL AWO/D8708

11 Responses to “Whirlpool washing machine not spinning or turning, How to replace the carbons in the motor”

  1. Enrique Domingo says : Reply

    My AEG Lavamat 535 is not turning the drum.
    I already replaced the carbon brushes but still faulty.
    All the rest of the functions wors normally.
    I revised visually the motor driving PCB ( EE36.2 AEG 645 182 180) and seems to be ok, but there are a lot of discrete components that may be failled.
    I look into AEG replacement parts and it seems to be obsolete or discontinued.
    What do you recomend to me to check or replace the module.
    Any schematics available, somewhere?. Any repair shop for these modules?
    The machine is in a very good status and I would like to fix it.
    Many thanks for the help you may provide to me

  2. Paul Heneghan says : Reply

    Whirlpool washing machine F06 error and brushes replaced as directed in video, thanks. Alas, F06 is still there and no movement in drum, next steps?

  3. Zul Hasham says : Reply

    where can i order the carbon brush

  4. Anthony Haynes says : Reply

    Bosh washing machine key flashing and not starting

  5. ali says : Reply

    My washing machine is whirlpool awo d5306. First, my problem was the F06 showing when just the machine starts after filling water. I checked what can be the F06 I find that it was the carbon brush in the motor were gone so I replaced them. I started the machine again it was working but when it arrives to spinning the motor fails the give a good push the start the spinning. Tried it several times but the same even changed the programs BUT THE SAME THING IS ACCURRING. The machine is not spinning. Please can you help me find the problem.
    Many thinks in advance.

  6. Jim says : Reply

    Have a Whirlpool Duet MDL GHW9300PW4 purchased in 2006. Tonight while washing the machine started to make A LOT of noise in the spin cycle. Almost like it was not balanced. Went away after awhile. Happened again then the machine stopped and I received an F-06 error code.

    Question: Is this worth fixing???

  7. Carlos Booth says : Reply

    I have a Whirlpool WWDC 9440 859232815010 which has developed a fault with error code “F06”
    I suspect that this is a brush fault – however i am unable to find replacement brushes anywhere online.

    Are you able to confirm if these are actually available

    Many thanks

  8. Zdeslav says : Reply

    Replaced the brushes by following your video – machine works as new. Thanks a lot, a beer is in order.

  9. Shaun Sabol says : Reply

    Hi I have a Whirlpool Model:WFC7500VW2-C19
    Serial:0 8004 1111 0016 0701 5590
    I have default code F06 which in research to find out it is the Tacho Coil. Would you agree, or do you think it is the brushes. Also if it is the Tacho Coil, where can I purchase one. Thanks

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