Hoover & Candy Tumble Dryer Capacitor Replacing | Tumble Dryer Not Turning

How to Replace the Capacitor on Hoover & Candy Tumble Dryers?

Is your Hoover or Candy Tumble dryer starting but not turning?

In this tutorial we will teach you how to repair a Hoover or Candy tumble dryer that begins its cycle but fails to rotate the clothes. If you hear a faint humming sound when the machine is switched on, this usually indicates an issue with the motor or the capacitor. We will show you how to easily access the capacitor on these models.


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Safety First!

  • Unplug your tumble dryer before starting work.
  • Organize screws and parts meticulously to avoid confusion during reassembly.


Tools You'll Need:

  • Screwdrivers (various sizes) or chargeable drill with correct extensions (if you have one).



First Steps of Tumble Dryer Capacitor Replacing

Firstly, the machine should be tilted back for easy access. Note that if you have a condenser tumble dryer, the process may vary slightly as you will have to remove the condenser by unscrewing a few screws. For vented tumble dryers, there are catches on each side that need to be pressed up to remove the panel. To remove the capacitor, only the right-hand side panel needs to be removed. If the belt has snapped and the dryer is not drying the clothes, both side panels will need to be removed to replace the belt.



Removing the Lid and Panels

To remove the lid, unscrew the three screws holding it in place. These lids can sometimes be challenging to remove due to swelling of the wood, causing it to stick to the machine. Once the screws are removed, tap the lid and it should slide backwards to be lifted off.

Next, you need to remove the back panel. You can remove the screw holding the lid in place at the back and the two on the facial panel. To remove the panel, release the plastic clips, usually a couple on the bottom and a couple on the side. Then, just bring the panel over and rest it on top. Then, remove the three screws at the bottom. These will vary in thread type as they are going into plastic. Then, remove a couple of screws at the top that go into the steel. Using a flat blade screwdriver, lift the two clips on either side. Carefully lower the panel down, releasing the couple of lugs on the bottom to gain clear access to the capacitor.



Removing & Installing the Capacitor

It's important to remember that Hoover and Candy do not always sell the capacitor as a separate unit, often selling it complete with the motor.

The first step in removing the capacitor is to ensure the machine is unplugged. As capacitors can hold a charge and be dangerous, use insulated pliers or a screwdriver to go across the two terminals to ensure the capacitor is discharged. Then, undo the capacitor and remove it from the machine.

To work out the size of your capacitor, remove the two electrical connections. The electrical terminals on the top have one wire connected to one side of the capacitor and the other wire connected to the other side. Installing your new capacitor is straightforward. One wire goes on one side and the other wire goes on the other side. Finally, fit the capacitor back to the machine.



Reassembling Hoover & Candy Tumble Dryer

Finally, you are ready to reassemble the two panels. Remember to ensure all the screws are in the correct locations and are of the correct size. Also, ensure not to trap any wires when refitting the facial panel.


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