Hotpoint FDW60 Dishwasher Door Spring Changing

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How to Replace Hotpoint Dishwasher Door Hinge Spring?

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to repair your Hotpoint FDW60 dishwasher, specifically focusing on the removal and refitting of the door hinge spring. Our guide is primarily aimed at Hotpoint, Creda, Indesit, Ariston, and Bosch models.


Before starting, remember to disconnect the appliance from the main power supply.

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To access the underside of the kick panel on the front, tilt the dishwasher back and undo the screw on each side next to the feet. Once you've done this, slightly lift the panel and ease it away. There is only one screw holding the side end of the kick panel on, and when that's removed, you will have easy access to the side panel's lower front screws. Remove the two screws holding the worktop on, and it can be lifted and eased forward to free it from the cabinet.

Proceed to undo all panel screws on the rear and, if you haven't already done so, the ones on the front as well as the ones on top. Once all screws are removed, the side panel will come free. This model's hinge assembly incorporates a vertical spring on either side of the unit, connecting a movable arm to a static section on the cabinet. As the door opens, it stretches the spring which acts as a counterbalance for the weight of the door, thus preventing the door from just falling open. If the springs break, the door might drop down when opened due to the weight being too much for the remaining spring.

If you need to replace one of these springs, make sure to put some grease on the last section to protect it and reduce excessive noise as the spring stretches. In some cases, if the spring breaks, you may find the door won't close. This is because the hinge's arm is slotted into a section on the door body, and without the tension applied by the spring, this connection is loose and acts as a restriction against the door itself, preventing it from closing.

The hinge assembly on these models includes a tension adjustment bar that can alter the counterbalance tolerance of the springs. However, it's usually best to keep the manufacturer settings to avoid the door springing closed on its own or dropping open when you release the catch.

Refitting these springs is straightforward. Just fit the lower loop on the hinge arm, use a pair of grips to stretch the hook section into the bar, but remember to replace the sleeve over the spring and close the door first.

To finish the job, replace the side panel and refit the screws on the front, back, and top. Now, tilt the dishwasher back, replace the kick strip end panel, hook this cutout onto the lip on the inside of the panels, and fit the two retaining screws.


We would recommend you watch our video since we're showing you how easily you can change the door hinge spring on your Hotpoint FDW60 dishwasher.


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1. Hotpoint FDW60 Dishwasher Door Spring Changing

1. Hotpoint FDW60 Dishwasher Door Spring Changing

2. Removing the Bolts and Screws

2. Removing the Bolts and Screws

3. Removing & Replacing the Hotpoint Dishwasher Door Spring

3. Removing & Replacing the Hotpoint Dishwasher Door Spring

4. Reassembling the Hotpoint FDW60 Dishwasher

4. Reassembling the Hotpoint FDW60 Dishwasher

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