How to Dismantle Tumble Dryer? | Bush, Logik & Midea Disassembly Guide

How to Dismantle Midea Tumble Dryers (Compatible Brands Like Logik & Bush)

Today, we'll be working on a tumble dryer manufactured by a Chinese company called Midea. This model is sold in the UK through Currys under the Logik brand, and through Argos under the Bush brand.

Overall, this is a decent machine. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to replace every component on the machine. The accessibility of some components is a bit tricky, but we'll guide you through it step by step.


We would recommend you watch our video since we're taking you on an exclusive tour inside a Bush/Logik Tumble Dryer.

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Safety First!

  • Unplug your Bush/Logik tumble dryer before starting work.
  • Organize screws and parts meticulously to avoid confusion during reassembly.


Tools You'll Need:

  • Screwdrivers (various sizes) or chargeable drill with correct extensions (if you have one).



Understanding the Heating System & Removing the Heating Element

Firstly, if your tumble dryer is not getting hot and it's running through the cycle but just not warming up, you need to determine whether you are drawing the correct power for the heating circuit to be activated.

The heating system consists of a single circuit heating element that goes around the heating plate at the back. There is a resettable cutout thermostat in case the machine overheats. Always test this first. There is also a cycling thermostat that controls the temperature of the heating going into the dryer, and an NTC sensor at the bottom of the machine.

To test the element, we suggest you watch our video.

To remove the heating element, the entire back of the machine needs to come off. There is a wiring diagram on the back of the machine showing the electrical circuit. Only remove the screws going through the back panel. The vent connection can be lifted and twisted to remove. Make sure the wiring for the thermostats is disconnected before removing the back panel since you can access to the heating.



Testing the NTC Sensor

The two yellow wires on the Logik machine connect to the NTC sensor. Then, please undo these wires to test the sensor. A multimeter won't fit directly into the slots for the probes, so you can use a paper clip or a couple of electrical connectors as a workaround.

We suggest you watch our video to learn how to use a multimeter and how to understand what reading means.

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Removing the Drum Bearing, Belt & Drum

Removing the heater or gaining access to the bearings on this machine requires two people. You'll need a large Allen key to go inside the drum and a 14mm spanner to undo the nut. When you try to turn the nut, it turns with the bolt. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to stop the bolt from turning unless you have a second person to hold the pin inside the drum.

To remove the belt, pull on the pulley wheel or tilt the motor down, take the belt off the pulley wheel and then put it back. This releases the tension completely. Now, undo the bolts and remove the panel. After lifting it off one side and prying the panel slightly, you'll have access to the heater. To replace the heating element, undo the screws around it.

Lastly, it's worth noting the circuit board connections and the heater relay. These relays do occasionally fail, so if you've checked the heating circuit and everything seems fine, you may have a fault with the relay. The relay on this model is a 15 amp relay, HF 105F/1. It's slightly different in size to many others, but it is possible to desolder it and replace it. (Incase you need a desoldering station:




Start by placing the filter plate cover back inside to hold the bolt in place. Don't forget to put the spacer back in, with the flush side going into the heater. Then maneuver the cabinet slightly to get everything in place and line up the bolt to come through. Once in place, get the screws on immediately to hold it. You may need to get someone to hold the Allen key inside so you can tighten the nut, as the shaft will likely turn while you're trying to tighten it.

Next, put the belt back on, lining it up on its original mark. Once everything is connected correctly, make sure to reconnect all the wiring. Then, position the belt correctly by sliding it over the drum.

After the belt is properly placed, begin reassembling the rest of the tumble dryer. Replace the lid of the machine by aligning it with the top and securing it with the screws you removed earlier. Make sure all screws are tightened and in their respective places.

Although our aim is to guide you through the dismantling of the Bush/Logik tumble dryer to assist with any future issues in this guide, we would recommend you watch the whole video to learn each step in detail.



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  • Amica
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  • Bellavita
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1. How to Dismantle Midea Tumble Dryers (Compatible Brands Like Logik & Bush)

2. Understanding the Heating System & Removing the Heating Element

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4. Reaasembling the Midea, Logik, Bush Tumble Dryer

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