How To Fix A Washing Machine Door & Fit Parts? | Hotpoint, Ariston, Indesit & Creda Washing Machines

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Disassembling and Reassembling a WF Series Washing Machine Door

In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to safely fix the door of your WF series Hotpoint washing machine. This guide is applicable to Ariston, Indesit, and some Creda washing machines. We'll guide you through the process of replacing the door hinges, door handle, pecker unit, glass bowl, and both the inner and outer trims.


Before starting, ensure your machine is disconnected from the electricity supply for safety.


We would recommend you watch our video since we're showing you how easily you can fix your Hotpoint washing machine door parts.

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Removing the Hotpoint Washing Machine Door

To remove the door, unscrew the four screws on the left-hand side that secure the door hinges. Hold onto the door while unscrewing to provide support. With a gentle wiggle, you should be able to slide the hinges out.

Place the door on a worktop and then begin disassembling. You can start by removing the screws that hold the inner and outer trims together. Using two screwdrivers, carefully pry apart the inner and outer parts of the door. This step may require some patience as the door tends to snap shut.

Once the door is separated, you will need to lift the inner panel to slide out the glass bowl. If you're only replacing the hinges, there's no need to go further.



Removing the Glass Bowl

When removing the Hotpoint washing machine glass bowl, remember its angle for reassembly. The glass bowl has a location lug that aligns with the inner panel. If there are any marks on the glass, it's likely due to an imbalanced load or a metallic object scuffing the glass.

Next, you should remove the hinges and separate the inner trim from the outer trim. This step may require some jiggling, but it should come off reasonably easy.

Now, it's time to work on the pecker unit and door handle. It's a good idea to take photographs of the pin and handle assembly for reference during reassembly. Remove the pin and the handle, taking care to remember the position of the spring and lever.



Reassembling the Handle, Trims & Glass Bowl

Reassembly of the Hotpoint washing machine handle, spring, and lever can be tricky. Ensure the hook on the lever faces outwards when the pin goes through the lever. The handle then goes on, and the pin slots in.

Now, assemble the inner trim to the outer trim, ensuring that the handle goes through the outer trim hole. Slide the glass bowl back in, remembering the specific angle discussed earlier.

After you reassemble everything, please double-check your work. Ensure that the pin, latch lever, and handle are all working correctly.


Please remember that our video includes step-by-step and detailed explanations, which may help you reduce your repair time.



If you need any parts for your washing machine door, you can find them on our site.


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This repair guide can be used on all these Ariston, Indesit, Creda & Hotpoint washing machine models:

WF000G, WF000P, WF000T, WF100G, WF100P/SC, WF100P/WE, WF210G, WF210P, WF210T, WF215A, WF220G, WF220P, WF220T, WF225A, WF240P, WF250G, WF250P, WF310G/SC, WF310G/WE, WF310P/SC, WF310P/WE, WF310T/SC, WF310T/WE, WF320G/SC, WF320G/WE, WF320P/SC, WF320P/WE, WF320T/SC, WF320T/WE, WF325A/SC, WF325A/WE, WF340G/SC, WF340G/WE, WF340P/SC, WF340P/WE, WF350G, WF350P, WF355A, WF430G, WF430P, WF430T, WF440G, WF440P, WF445A, WF530G/SC, WF530G/WE, WF530P/SC, WF530P/WE, WF530T/SC, WF530T/WE, WF540G/SC, WF540G/WE, WF540P/SC, WF540P/WE, WF540T/SC, WF540T/WE, WF545A, WF545A/SC, WF545A/WE, WF560P, WF620G, WF620P, WF620T, WF630G, WF630P, WF640G, WF640P, WF640T, WF645A, WF720P/SC, WF720P/WE, WF730G/SC, WF730G/WE, WF730P/SC, WF730P/WE, WF740G/SC, WF740G/WE, WF740P/SC, WF740P/WE, WF740T/SC, WF740T/WE, WF745A/SC, WF745A/WE, WF760P, WF840G, WF840P, WF840T, WF860G, WF860P, WF860T, WF865A, WT540P, WT740G, WT740P, WT740T, WT745A, WT760P, WT940G, WT940P, WT940T, WT960G, WT960P, WT960T, WT965A

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